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International Debt Collection

For out of court debt collection in Europe and international legal debt collection, Bierens is your partner of choice. Our European attorneys speak the language, are familiar with the culture and are experts in the legal system of the country where your debtor resides. Which is why you can easily rely on Bierens with your international debtors. Customer satisfaction and integrity are highly important to us, that is why we do everything in consultation with you, and you can follow your case progression 24/7 online. Bierens offers you complete transparency.

International Legal Disputes

Bierens brings justice in many areas of international law. Bierens European Collection Attorneys has an international team of over 45 in-house lawyers and attorneys, who provide you with expertise in several areas of law, from many different European legal systems, all under one roof.

Credit Risk Management Consultancy

We can help you to minimize your risk of commercial debt collection claims in Europe. Because prevention is better than cure, Bierens provides credit management consultancy. From small businesses to multinational enterprises, contact us today for a free consult on credit risk management and see what Bierens can offer you as a credit risk management partner.

Why Bierens? The answer is simple

We set ourselves apart from debt collection lawyers, agents, and bailiffs by being our own brand. You cannot compare us with other parties in the industry. At Bierens we possess all positive aspects of other parties in the debt collection industry and more, guaranteeing the best quality. In addition, we eliminate all the industry’s negative aspects. Read more by pressing the button below!
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