A new superhero joins our Italian desk: Chiara Paganelli

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Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers are pleased to announce Chiara Paganelli has joined our team, supporting our Italian and Spanish desk. Chiara is an international Legal Assistant who will handle small claims for all companies with Italian and Spanish debtors.

Who is Chiara Paganelli?

Originally from Livorno, Italy, Chiara studied law at the Faculty of Pisa. After graduating, she began working in a law firm in Italy which handled criminal and civil law cases. Concerning the area of civil law and, in particular, debt collection, Chiara dealt with cases both during the pre-legal and the judicial phase.

In particular, Chiara drafted payment reminder letters to debtors and legal documents such as “decreto ingiuntivo”. For judicial cases, she was also responsible for selecting and gathering important defense documents, preparing notifications and maintaining contact with clients and counterparts.

In order to gain further experience, Chiara also worked for her father’s Accounting Firm at the same time. Whilst at the Consulting Firm, Chiara handled labour disputes and drafting employment contracts. She also assisted with bankruptcy proceedings, giving Chiara the opportunity to view the bankruptcy procedure first hand from both the view point of a lawyer and a bankruptcy administrator.

Chiara moved to Maastricht after completing her trainee lawyer experience, to complete her Masters in Globalisation and Law from the University of Maastricht. During this time, Chiara had the opportunity to work as an intern in various international environments such as the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the Women Against Violence Europe Network in Vienna, and Eurojust at the Legal Affairs Unit in The Hague.

Joining Bierens

With a history in debt collection, Chiara wanted to use her experience on a much wider level. The opportunity to work in both the public and private sectors across the whole of Europe, is what first attracted Chiara to Bierens. With their passion for justice, innovation and creativity, Bierens mission and values resonate highly with Chiara.

Chiara speaks 3 languages; English, Italian and Spanish and can help companies recover their debt from Italian and Spanish debtors.

Debt Collection in Italy and Spain

Italy and Spain are very similar countries when it comes to the legal system, mentality and culture. Late payments are a regular occurrence therefore debtors need to be reminded with calls and emails. Generally, Italian and Spanish companies are willing to pay but have a ‘no rush, no pressure’ attitude towards payment due dates. Besides this, many do not have a good financial situation. In cases like this, it is important to communicate and negotiate with them in a certain way. Consequently, it is paramount to be persistent with debtors so that cases can be solved during the pre-legal phase. This makes the debt collection process quicker and more efficient for both the parties.

More information

Do you have a debtor in Italy or Spain? Contact Chiara today and find out how she can help you.