International practice expanding! Eniada Seitaj joins our Italian Desk

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Our international practice is growing fast! As more and more companies are dealing with international debtors, the demand for international debt collection specialists has increased.

With the addition of legal counsel Eniada Seitaj, our international team has been strengthened even further. Together with her colleagues, Eniada represents the Italian team and specialises in debt collection cases for Italian entrepreneurs and business owners.

Meet Eniada Seitaj

Born in Albania, Eniada and her family moved to Italy when she was 13 years old. It was then that she developed her love for law and justice and made the decision when she was just 14 to become a lawyer.

Eniada studied law in Vicenza and went on to gain her master’s degree in Ferrara. After which, she enrolled at a law firm in Cesena where she spent 2 years specialising in private and contractual law.

After gaining her Erasmus II in Belgium and not enamoured with the law system in Italy, Eniada made the decision in June 2018 to move to the Netherlands, joining Bierens in January 2019.

As an empathetic person, proficient in Italian, Albanian and English, Eniada fights for justice. Her respectfulness, passion and high values mirror that of Bierens.

As an international citizen, Eniada is not averse to challenges. Her persistence is her greatest attribute and is one of the main reasons behind her success in debt recovery cases, “I am passionate about every case and will give 100% focus to each case I handle. By consistently and concisely following up debt recovery matters on a daily basis, I ensure you get your money back.”

Debt recovery in Italy

In Italy, debtors often have a willingness to pay however, they are not proactive in making payments. It is therefore important to keep all your documents in order and keep proof of all correspondence, including phone calls, when dealing with an Italian debtor. “After meetings and calls, document what you discussed in an e-mail and ask for confirmation of all the points you agreed on.”

Eniada is specialised in debt recovery and contractual law and has extensive knowledge and expertise of the extra-judicial and judicial procedures in Italy. Her persistence, empathy, passion and skill match perfectly with Bierens and she is a welcome addition to the Bierens international team.

More information?

Do you have unpaid invoices from an Italian customer, or would you like more information about collections in Italy? Eniada and her colleagues can help. Get in touch today!