Expansion International desk: Greek lawyer Alexandra Roussa

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Our international office is expanding fast. More and more companies are dealing with international debt recovery, so there is an increasing demand  for international debt collection specialists. In recent months, we have therefore strengthened our international team with debt collection lawyers and specialists from various countries. Alexandra Roussa has been part of our debt collection team since a few months. She handles debt collection on Greek entrepreneurs.

Lawyer in Greece

Alexandra Roussa was born in Albania and later moved to Greece. She studied law at the Domocritus University of Thrace in Komotini. After she successfully completed her studies, she went to work at a law firm in Patras. She was sworn in as a lawyer at the Patras Bar Association, after working as a trainee for a year and a half in 2015. During her time at the law firm, Alexandra dealt with all sorts of cases in the fields of civil law, contract law, family law, company law and property law.

European Law and International Law

In July 2016, Alexandra moved to the Netherlands, where she followed a master’s degree at the University of Amsterdam. Here she studied European Law and International Law, with a specialization in Competition Law. Alexandra started to work at Bierens in May 2018, where she mainly handles Greek cases. Many of her cases concern the sale of goods, where transport is an important sector.

Debt collection in Greece

Debt collection in Greece is very complex. Not everyone is able to pay his debts since the crisis happened and the aftermath. “Many debtors have an aggressive attitude towards collection agencies”, explains Alexandra. However, this is no problem for this persevering lawyer, since she does not turn her hand around complex situations.

More information

Are you dealing with an unpaid invoice from your Greek customer? Then you can always contact Alexandra. She will do everything possible to ensure that your invoice is paid after all. Would you like more information about debt collection in Greece?  Please contact us. Alexandra and her colleagues will gladly help you further.