Expansion international desk: Polish lawyer Dagmara Grzadko

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Our international office is expanding fast. More and more companies are dealing with international debt recovery, so there is an increasing demand  for international debt collection specialists. In recent months, we have therefore strengthened our international team with debt collection lawyers and specialists from various countries. Dagmara Grzadko has been part of our debt collection team since a few months. She mainly deals with cases on Polish customers.

Own law firm

Dagmara Grzadko was born in the Polish town of Kamien Pomorski but lived in the city of Szczecin. She also studied law in this city. After she finished her studies, she started working as a lawyer in Poland. Dagmara then set up her own law firm. Here she dealt with all kinds of matters; family law, civil law and criminal law.

Polish debt collection cases

Dagmara has been living in the Netherlands since May of this year. Her husband was offered a job in the Netherlands and Dagmara only agreed on one condition: if she could work in the Netherlands as a lawyer. And so, she eventually ended up at Bierens, where she joined the Polish desk. This desk has grown very hard last year, so reinforcement was needed. We are therefore happy to welcome Dagmara to our international team.

“If I handle a case, I’ll make sure that I will do everything to help my client”.

Knowledge of the Polish trade culture

Considering Dagmara has worked independently as a lawyer in Poland for years, she has extensive knowledge of Polish companies and their trade culture and traditions. Moreover, she has a lot of experience with Polish law and legal proceedings at the Polish court. With the latter you often have to be very patient. “Proceedings at court can sometimes take a long time”, Dagmara explains.

Be prepared

Are you planning to do business with a Polish company? Dagmara advises entrepreneurs to always have your contracts checked by a specialist before you sign. “However also make sure you know who you are doing business with and who signs the contract on behalf of the other party. It is important that the person is authorized to sign”, says Dagmara. If things still get out of hand, it is important to act quickly. Should this be case, Dagmara is of course happy to assist you with this.

More information

Are you dealing with an unpaid invoice from your Polish customer? Then you can always contact Dagmara. She will do everything possible to ensure that your invoice is paid after all. Would you like more information about debt collection in Polen?  Please contact us. Dagmara and her Polish colleagues will gladly help you further.