Expansion International Practice: Eliška Koštiálová from Czech Republic

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Our international practice is growing rapidly. An increasing number of companies are involved in international debt collection. Therefore, the demand of international debt collection experts is also on the rise. Hence, we have reinforced our international team with debt collection lawyers and experts from various countries. Since autumn of 2017, Eliška Koštiálová has joined our international team to handle debt collection cases in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Passion for international cases

Eliška studied law at the Masaryk University in the city of Brno. She enthusiastically followed several courses regarding international law, even taking upon a few extra courses on private international law. Moreover, she gained valuable experience by working at various international companies. After her graduation, she wanted to pursue a career opportunity that would give her a chance to apply her acquired knowledge on international law in practice. Which is why she decided to move to Amsterdam to become a member of our international team at Bierens.

Debt collection in Czech Republic and Slovakia

As part of the international team at Bierens, Eliška supports companies from all over Europe in debt collection cases in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Companies from these countries are notoriously known for being difficult to communicate with, but that is not the case for Eliška. As she has a strong command over both these languages, she is able to approach the debtor in their native language. In addition to this, she is knowledgeable of the business culture in both these countries, which makes it easier for her to communicate with them. And as the legal systems in Czech Republic and Slovakia are very similar, Eliška can successfully solve debt collection cases in both countries.

“I do my job with a lot of passion, and I am fully committed to positively close a case.”

 Set up a written agreement

Do you have unpaid invoices with a company in the Czech Republic? Debt collection in the Czech Republic can be complicated. Many companies may remain unresponsive upon contact and matters can get even more complicated when the debtor party is a limited liability company (in Czech s.r.o.).  If you are planning to do business with a Společnost s ručením omezeným (s.r.o.), then Eliška recommends to set up written agreements and do not continue business for too long after first invoice remains unpaid. That is how you can prevent ambiguities from occurring.

If things do go wrong, you can always forward your debt collection case to Eliška. This zealous lawyer will always do her utmost to ensure you receive what is rightfully yours.

If you wish to know more business or debt collection in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, please do not hesitate to contact us. Eliška will be glad to help you.