International practice expanding! British Lawyer Jamie Ashford

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Our international practice is growing fast! As more and more companies are dealing with international debtors, the demand for international debt collection specialists has increased.

With the addition of lawyer Jamie Ashford, our international team has been strengthened even further. Together with his colleagues, Jamie represents the UK team and specialises in debt collection cases for entrepreneurs and business owners who have British debtors or are experiencing issues with a British company.

Who is Jamie Ashford?

Born in Crewe, Cheshire, Jamie had a passion for justice from a young age. He studied Law at the College of Law in Chester as well as the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. Jamie then continued his studies, gaining his master’s degree in international legal practice from the University of Law in Chester in 2012.

Beginning his career as a trainee solicitor in 2010 at Reston’s in Warrington, Jamie quickly realised which market he wanted to specialise in; debt recovery and litigation. Once he was sworn in as a lawyer in August 2012, it didn’t take Jamie long to ‘rise through the ranks’ and become the Head of Legal and Operations for Gladstone’s, a large law firm specialising in bulk debt recovery. In this position, Jamie was personally responsible for a wide variety of commercial litigation cases.

The perfect match

As a self-motivated, ambitious person, Jamie wanted to expand his reach and help more companies facing debt collection problems with British businesses. In November 2018, Jamie joined Bierens. Jamie shares in Bierens mission, to provide justice to the creditor and with his wealth of experience, can support companies who are wanting to conduct business nationally and internationally, especially within the UK.

Debt collection in the UK

For international companies conducting business with the UK, now is a very uncertain time. With Brexit just around the corner it is important to consider contingency plans for your business. Jamie advises to review your contracts and make sure your terms and conditions support your company needs. If you are currently in dispute with a UK company, try to resolve this pre-Brexit. If this isn’t possible, contact a specialist international dispute lawyer who knows how Brexit will affect you.

As a highly trained, experienced litigation and debt recovery lawyer, Jamie has an in-depth knowledge of the extra-judicial and judicial procedures in the UK. His persuasion and negotiations skills, ability to think through all legal and commercial options as well as his exceptional communication skills and management of expectations, timeframe and cost makes him the perfect fit for Bierens and you.

More information?

Do you have unpaid invoices from a UK customer, or would you like more information about collections in the UK? Jamie and his colleagues can help. Get in touch today!