International Practice Expanding! Italian Lawyer Daniela Pizzuto

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Our international practice is growing fast! As more and more companies are dealing with international debtors, the demand for international debt collection specialists has increased. We have also strengthened our international team with debt collection lawyers and specialists from various countries. Lawyer Daniela Pizzuto has been part of our international team for a few months now. She specialises in debt collection cases for Italian entrepreneurs and business owners.

Lawyer in Italy

Daniela Pizzuto was born in the Italian city of Terlizzi. She studied law at the University of Bari and earned a second Master’s in Employment Law. Daniela then went to work as a Legal Counsel and, in 2010 she was admitted to the bar. In that year, Daniela also set up her own law firm.

Debt collection cases at Italian companies

In 2016, Daniela came to the Netherlands and earned a third master's at the University of Amsterdam in European private law. She began working at Bierens after completing her studies and now she and her colleague Marco Basile are responsible for Italian debt collection cases at Bierens.

Daniela says foreign companies often disregard the fact that judicial collection can sometimes take a long time in Italy. She believes it is much better to solve cases in the extrajudicial phase. Often, during negotiations with the debtor, it becomes clear how the matter can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Daniela is a very passionate lawyer who always strives to bring her cases to a successful conclusion. With exceptional communication skills and experience she knows how to negotiate and arrange for an efficient collection.

More information

Do you have unpaid invoices from an Italian customer, or would you like more information about collections in Italy? Daniela and her colleagues are ready to help you. Contact us today!