Bierens welcomes Maral Mamedova to their international team

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Bierens are delighted to welcome Maral Mamedova to their international team. With a bachelor’s degree in European Law from the University of Maastricht, Maral is responsible for supporting and strengthening our international desks, supporting the French and Russian desks.

Born and raised in Turkmenistan until she was 12 years old, Maral has always had a strong belief in the power of the law. Mixed with her strong will, determination and delivery of quality results mean that Maral and Bierens are a perfect match.

Who is Maral Mamedova?

Maral moved to the Netherlands from Azerbaijan in 2015, firstly to Amsterdam to study politics, psychology, law and economics and then to Maastricht to concentrate her studies on European Law. Choosing the country for its safety, high level of education and English fluency.

After completing her degree, Maral then interned at the Tenenbaum Law Firm in Glenview, US. During this internship, Maral mainly assisted with personal injury cases, family law and tax law.

Bierens have always supported students of law and it was during a trip to the Veghel offices that Maral decided her future lay with us:

‘I got to know Bierens Law Firm through the student association called ELSA (European Law School Association). I was impressed by the w.arm welcome, interesting and different approach of the law firm, its international vibe and creativity, and its long-standing history. I immediately thought that working at such a place would be a great start to my career and would give me valuable legal experience.’

Maral speaks 5 languages: Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkmen, English and French, and dedicates everything to each case to deliver a positive result. She is passionate about debt recovery, choosing to specialise in debt collection to improve her communication skills, perseverance, boost her financial literacy and business skills as well as her customer relations.

Debt collection in Russia

Debt collection in Russia and its neighbouring countries is burdened by poor payment behaviour and complex legal structures of the businesses. Payment terms are not always regulated, and Russian debtors keep renegotiating conditions, requesting postponement of payments or ignoring contractual obligations.

Since joining Bierens in June, Maral has handled many cases for European creditors with Russian debtors. Being able to speak the same language as the debtor, gives Maral a unique advantage over other debt collection agencies, and her tenacity has ensured many positive results.

But Maral also helps many Russian companies enforce foreign judgments within Europe.

More information

If you have a Russian debtor or are a Russian company trying to collect within Europe, then contact Maral today. She will be happy to help.