Meet Lincy Endevoets, our new Dutch legal assistant

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Recently, legal assistant Lincy Endevoets joined our international team of debt recovery lawyers. Together with the other Dutch debt recovery lawyers, Lincy focuses on recovery cases in the Netherlands. Want to know more about Lincy? We are happy to introduce her to you.

Master of Law

Lincy grew up in the Dutch city of 's-Hertogenbosch. Early on, she knew she wanted to be a lawyer so it  came as no surprise when she completed her Master's degree in Law at the University of Tilburg.

During her studies, Lincy mainly focused on private law. "I have always had a particular interest in the corporate law aspects of private law, such as insolvency law and property law. However, construction law also excites me ," says Lincy, who comes from a construction-related family. Naturally, she handles quite a few construction cases at our firm as well.

Making payment arrangements

While studying, Lincy worked as a senior customer advisor for an energy company. Working there, she supported customers over the  phone with all kinds of energy-related matters. For instance, she provided tips and information on how to make a home more sustainable and she answered questions about the increase or decrease in energy consumption. In addition, she was involved in setting up payment arrangements.

Throughout this job, she was able to work on her communication skills. Furthermore, the knowledge she gained at the energy company was extremely useful. This has transitioned well at Bierens when dealing with energy-related cases.

No-nonsense mentality

Lincy is part of the international team of lawyers as of October 2019. The reason why she decided to work at Bierens? "After my education, I wanted to work for an innovative firm. A law firm with a no-nonsense mentality, and with an eye for the customer's wishes. In Bierens, I found exactly that law firm", Lincy explains. "Bierens is an informal law firm that dedicates itself with heart and soul to the client's best interests". Lincy considers this to be her top priority when dealing with clients.

This  strong lawyer always strives for the best result. Lincy is an eager learner and she loves the challenges of the legal profession. She always puts your interests first. Do you have a debt recovery case in the Netherlands? Contact Lincy today and find out how she can help you.

Are you interested in finding out more about Lincy? Feel free to contact us.