New addition to our international team: Bulgarian associate Georgi Georgiev

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Our employees are our strength: they are extremely dedicated to obtain the best solution for your dispute. That is why we would like to introduce you to the people responsible for our success. This week we are introducing you to Georgi Georgiev from Bulgaria. As of September, Georgi has started a traineeship at Bierens together with Tadej Francelj, Jekaterina Titova and David Meszaros. During their traineeship, our trainees are stimulated to develop both on judicial and commercial aspects. A traineeship at Bierens is much more than getting to know the traditional field of the judicial profession since we also teach our trainees how to run their own business.

Making the difference

Georgi Georgiev is responsible for the Bulgarian practise at Bierens. He was born in the city of Haskovo in Bulgaria. Ever since he was young, he was fascinated by justice. “I firmly believe that by helping other people and pursuing justice, you are able to make a difference”, Georgi states. It did not come as a surprise that Georgi chose to study law once he graduated from high school. He moved to the Bulgarian city Blagoevgrad, where he studied at the South-West University ‘Neofit Rilski’ and eventually received his Master’s degree in Law.

Corporate life

While studying Law, Georgi worked at a Bulgarian law firm. He actively participated in high profiled cases in the fields of Commercial Law, Trade Law and Public Tenders. Besides all the judicial experience he gained during his time at this law firm, he also gained corporate experience. As a result, Georgi is perfectly able to understand the type of problems that companies might run into. Georgi also worked as manager at a middle-sized company on Nantucket Island, where he supervised multiple teams and had the responsibility over the relationships with their customers.

Debt collection in Bulgaria

Since September Georgi is part of our international team of lawyers. “Bierens is leading the European market in business-to-business debt collection. Therefore, I was really excited to start this challenging traineeship and to work in this professional environment”, Georgi says. Within our company, Georgi is responsible for the Bulgarian market. “By adopting the right strategy I make sure that our clients receive the money they rightfully own as soon as possible.” He clearly indicates that the right strategy is not limited to the judicial process only: also in the extrajudicial phase it is important to contact the Bulgarian debtor in the right manner.

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Will to win

Georgi is dedicated to obtain the best result possible in every case. He wants clients to know that when handing over their claims to Bierens, we will pursue the best outcome for their dispute. With his will to win and extensive knowledge of the Bulgarian culture, Georgi makes sure that clients receive what is rightfully theirs. “One of the most important reasons why I chose this type of work, is the fact that I am extremely motivated to help out our clients. Ever since I was a kid, I have been helping out other people and that is why I wanted to become a lawyer.”

Would you like to receive more information on debt collection in Bulgaria? Or would you like to know how Georgi Georgiev could be of assistance in your case? Georgi is more than happy to help you when your Bulgarian debtor does not pay your bills. You can contact Bierens through the contact form.