New addition to our international team: Hungarian associate David Meszaros

2 min.

Our employees are our strength: they are extremely dedicated to obtain the best solution for your dispute. That is why we would like to introduce you to the people responsible for our success. This week we are introducing you to David Meszaros from Hungary. As of Octobre, David has started a traineeship at Bierens together with Tadej Francelj, Jekaterina Titova and Georgi Georgiev. During their traineeship, our trainees are stimulated to develop both on judicial and commercial aspects. A traineeship at Bierens is much more than getting to know the traditional field of the judicial profession since we also teach our trainees how to run their own business.

Three Law studies

At Bierens, David is responsible for the Hungarian market. David was born in Hungary, but has lived in several places in Europe. Next to that, he has followed multiple Law studies. In Austria, he studied Law at the University of Vienna and at the University of Salzburg. In his home country, David studied at Eotvos Lorand University of Budapest. At this Hungarian university, David received his Doctorate of Laws. He wrote his thesis on fusions and take-overs.

International character

David did not merely study in different European cities, he also worked in various countries throughout Europe. “I have worked at a law firm both in Hungary as in Austria. Before I started at Bierens, I worked as judicial advisor at a British company.” David says that he has an international personality: “Because I have studied and worked in different European countries, I obtained insights in, and knowledge of some important European cultures and judicial systems”, David says. Because of his wide working experience, David has extensive knowledge on fusions and take-overs, commercial disputes, Contract Law and International Private Law.

Pieces of the puzzle

That David would end up in the judicial world has been clear for a long time already. “When I was about 7 years old, I was already fascinated by the judicial branch. I saw inspiring people in nice suits and decided I wanted to become one of them”, David says. Last summer, David moved to the Netherlands and since October he is working at Bierens. His work gives him a lot of energy. “It is a challenge to investigate the underlying elements in every case. I think of it as a puzzle and I need to do everything I can to use all the pieces in order to create the puzzle.”

Language barriers

David speaks fluently German, English and Hungarian and knows the basics of the Dutch language. This is an extremely useful tool during debt collection cases with Hungarian debtors. “Not all Hungarian debtors are able to speak English. Communicating with them is therefore a bit difficult”, David says. “Especially for companies that are not located in or around the capital, English is not completely understood.” The mentality of these companies is also a bit different to the mentality of companies located in or around the Hungarian capital. Outside of Budapest, invoices are being paid quite late. “This is not because these companies do not want to adhere to the business agreement, but life outside of the capital is just a bit slower and easy-going. This is reflected in the way they do business”, David states.

Would you like to receive more information about debt collection in Hungary? Or, are you interested how David could be of assistance to your company? Please, do not hesitate to contact Bierens.