New addition to our international team: Russian associate Jekaterina Titova

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Our employees are our strength: they are extremely dedicated to obtain the best solution for your dispute. That is why we would like to introduce you to the people responsible for our success. This week we are introducing you to Jekaterina Titova from Russia. As of October, she has started a traineeship at Bierens together with Tadej Francelj, Georgi Georgiev and David Meszaros. During their traineeship, our trainees are stimulated to develop themselves both on judicial and commercial aspects. A traineeship at Bierens is much more than getting to know the traditional field of the judicial profession since we also teach our trainees how to run their own business.

Contributing to society

Jekaterina is responsible for the Russian market at Bierens. She was born in Russia, where she grew up in St. Petersburg. One of the most important reasons for Jekaterina to become a lawyer, is the fact that she wants to help out other people. “I always wanted to contribute to society and help other people, as a lawyer I feel that I am able to do so”, Jekaterina says. She studied Law at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moskou.

Master of International Business Law

After receiving her Bachelor of Law in Moskou, Jekaterina moved to the Netherlands. In Amsterdam she started a Master of International Business Law at the Vrije Universiteit. During her studies, Jekaterina did internships at various judicial organisations. In Russia she worked at an ombudsman for human rights where she helped out Russian citizens with all sorts of issues. In the Netherlands, Jekaterina did research on various fields within Corporate Law.

Lawyers and jurists from all over the world

As of October 2016, Jekaterina is part of the international team at Bierens. “The Bierens traineeship offers a lot of opportunities to develop myself on various fields. The company is growing quickly and I enjoy working in such a motivating environment. Bierens is a company that unites lawyers and jurists from all over the world”, Jekaterina explains.

Lax mentality at Russian companies

At Bierens, Jekaterina handles debt collection cases in Russia. Non-paying customers are not a rarity in her country. “Debtors who are ignorant to invoices form a big problem in Russia. Reasons why invoices remain unpaid vary a lot. The Russian economy is erratic and some Russian companies have a lax mentality”, she says. The payment terms in Russia are longer than in most other European countries. “My advise is to be strict towards your Russian debtor and contact him or her by phone when bills remain unpaid. Sending letters is less effective than calling your debtor”, Jekaterina admits.

Satisfied customers are the most important thing

Do you have a Russian debtor who is not paying your bills? In that case Jekaterina is more than happy to be of assistance to you. With her extensive knowledge of the Russian culture, language and judicial system she will do her utmost best to solve your dispute. “It is my personal goal to solve the customer’s problem as good as possible. With every case, I obtain new experiences, but the most important thing to me are satisfied customers. That is what drives me the most”, Jekaterina says.

Debt Collection in Russia

Would you like to know more about debt collection in Russia? Are you interested how Jekaterina Titova can be of assistance to you? Please feel free to contact us. Jekaterina is more than happy to help you when you are facing a non-paying debtor in Russia.

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