New addition to our international team: Slovenian associate Tadej Francelj

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Our employees are our strength: they are extremely dedicated to obtain the best solution for your dispute. That is why we would like to introduce you to the people responsible for our success. This week we are introducing you to Tadej Francelj from Slovenia. As of October, Tadej has started a traineeship at Bierens together with Georgi Georgiev, Jekaterina Titova and David Meszaros. During their traineeship, our trainees are stimulated to develop both on judicial and commercial aspects. A traineeship at Bierens is much more than getting to know the traditional field of the judicial profession since we also teach our trainees how to run their own business.

Economics and Law go hand-in-hand

At Bierens, Tadej is responsible for the Slovenian market. He was born in the Slovenian city of Kranj, where he lived almost his entire life. Just like most of the current trainees working at Bierens, Tadej knew he wanted to become a lawyer ever since he was a little kid. He studied Law at the University of Ljubljana. “During my studies, I realized that I was right where I wanted to be and I was a hundred per cent sure that I wanted to work in this sector.” However, Tadej was not merely fascinated by Law, as a study in Economics interested him as well. “The economy has always interested me too. I believe that Law and Economics go hand-in-hand”, Tadej states. After receiving his bachelor of Laws, Tadej chose to start a Master in Banking and Finance Management, which he is currently finishing.

Nothing is impossible

Besides studying for his Master’s degree, Tadej is also working to receive his PhD at the University of Ljubljana. “Nothing is impossible”, finds Tadej. This mind set comes back in his work as an international jurist. “When one option does not work out, another, maybe even better, option might lead to the solution”, Tadej says. He constantly remains in control and will never act unfair. Tadej is inspired by a lot of things which results in the fact that he has numerous ideas in his head which he wants to explore. “I am continuously thinking of the best possible solutions, but it does not stop at thinking only: I make sure that things are executed as well.”

Solving judicial conflicts

Justice is really important to Tadej. “When two parties agree upon a business contract, they should both adhere to the terms and conditions of this agreement. This is, namely, beneficiary to both parties: the buyer receives the goods he wants and the seller receives the payment for his goods.” When this turns out differently in practise, Tadej is more than willing to assist the creditor. Tadej is very motivated to solve disputes. “I like to work with people and to help them with my knowledge and experience. When customers are satisfied, I am stimulated and motivated to continue my work”, Tadej states.

Debt collection in Slovenia

Tadej has already been successful at Bierens, by successfully solving a Slovenian debt collection dispute. He states that the judicial system in Slovenia is not as developed in comparison to the systems in other European countries. “Judicial procedures in Slovenia take a long time. Next to that, it might take a while before the court has come to a verdict.” Collection in the extra-judicial phase is, therefore, advisable. Tadej is more than happy to be of assistance in your dispute with a Slovenian debtor.

Would you like to receive more information on debt collection in Slovenia? Or, are you interested in the way that Tadej can help your company? Please, do not hesitate to contact Bierens.