Fees: small claims

Claims below € 3,000,- are sometimes a dilemma for our firm. We have three core values that define us, namely justice for the creditor, the will to win and integrity. These core values cannot be questioned.

As a law firm, we aim to improve the payment behaviour of companies. These also include small claims. If these are not collected, we fear that this can result in worse payment behaviour all over the world. Malicious debtors will assume that a small claim will not be transferred over for collections, and certainly not that they can be taken to court. This means that many small claims remain unpaid.

That is something we find unacceptable. Therefore, we do our utmost to collect small claims as well. However, we should also remain realistic. International debt recovery is often much more time-consuming than a domestic case. In the case of an international claim, lawyers from our client's country and a lawyer from the debtor's country investigate the cases that come in. In addition, in some countries, it is much more difficult to obtain information about a debtor and provide sound advice. As a result, international debt collection cases take much longer to solve than domestic cases.

Our business model is based on No Cure No Pay and not on an hourly rate. As a result, we cannot make a profit on small claims. After all, if we do not collect, we do not charge a fee at all. But even if we do collect, small claims are not always profitable. This is because our fee consists of a percentage of the principal amount and in the case of a small claim, that is a small amount.

In order to still be able to solve small claims, we have introduced a surcharge of €125,- for small claims. For a relatively small amount, specialised debt collection lawyers will investigate your claim. This gives you the greatest chance of recovering your small claim after all.

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