Introducing… Greek lawyer Maria Stafyla

  • Monday 12 November 2012 | Marketing team

Bierens is pleased to announce the arrival of Maria Stafyla, a qualified Greek Lawyer, and one of the latest additions to the International team in Amsterdam. Maria's arrival signifies Bierens continued ambition to play a greater role in EU business to business debt collection. Maria joined Bierens in July and is based at our Amsterdam office.

Maria completed her main studies in Law in Komotini (Greece) and after completing the essential preparation for sitting the Bar Association exams, she moved to the Netherlands in order to further enrich her knowledge. Maria studied her master's degree at the faculty of Law at the University of Amsterdam and, more specifically, Maria's LLM degree focused on International and European Law with a further specialization in European Competition Law and Regulation. Since September 2011, Maria qualified as a Greek lawyer and a postgraduate student of the UvA.

Maria will be the first to tell you Greece is a country which has a rich, ancient history and a trading tradition that goes back thousands of years. Greek companies have always done business on the basis of mutual trust and respect. Undoubtedly, the current financial situation in Greece is precarious, but in order to put an end to this situation it is paramount that foreign companies continue trading with Greece and visa versa.

With the above in mind, Maria is perfectly placed to advise companies on how to protect your rights when doing business with Greek companies; how to agree contractual trading terms; how to maintain a positive relationship under difficult circumstances; and many other aspects. Although trading with Greece may require more caution and patience, Greek debtors will eventually appreciate your perseverance for obtaining payment, and by doing so, the two companies are working together to build a healthy trading relationship.

Naturally, handling debt collection cases under these harsh financial conditions is not the easiest task. But our aim at Bierens and Maria's personal goal is to safeguard your rights when trading with Greek companies and to facilitate a safe environment for doing business in Greece. Being a native always makes a difference. Although Maria was born and raised in Greece, she currently lives in the Netherlands. She is aware of cultural differences between the two countries and can act accordingly. On the one hand, this enables her to maintain personal contact with you, and on the other hand, it allows her to apply the utmost pressure on your Greek business partner.

"If you have any questions about trading with Greek companies and protecting your company's rights, then please do not hesitate to contact me at Bierens": Maria Stafyla.

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