Credit Risk Management Consultancy

"We can help you to minimize your risk of commercial debt collection claims in Europe"

Because prevention is better than cure, Bierens provides credit management consultancy. From small businesses to multinational enterprises, contact us today for a free consult on credit management and see what Bierens can offer you as a credit management partner.


“The Bierens Group has proven their value many times over in managing our international claims” - Richard Jude Matis / Ferro Corporation



Are your general conditions shipshape? How do you handle credit reports? In the event of a dispute, can you commence legal proceedings? We can offer you, among other things:

  • Credit risk management consultancy and business processes;
  • A legal review of and advice on your agreements;
  • A legal review of and advice on your general conditions;
  • Advice on offers and order confirmations;
  • Evaluation of the terms of credit insurers

Together with your Bierens credit risk management consultant, your entire order-to-cash process can be optimized, from insight into your business processes to your after-sales. With a transparent policy, you will not only do yourself a favor, but it will also improve the relationship with your customers. This way it will be immediately obvious what is expected of each party.

Our European credit risk management consultants are happy to assist you on how to maintain a healthy company and satisfied customers (first consult is free of charge).


Contact us for your free consult on credit risk management today!

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“Decisiveness is essential, and Bierens’ energetic approach
as an extension of our own credit management is an excellent fit for us” -
Frank Oosenbrug / Universal Music

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