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Market leader for high-quality B2B debt collection in Romania - Read below how we can help you to collect your debt in Romania.

Debt collection in Romania is a totally different game than in the United States. Both the success rates and the average collected amounts are much higher in Romania than they are in the United States. Starting a commercial debt collection case by an attorney without going to court immediately is common in Europe, also in Romania. In the United States this is not the case.

Bierens European Collection Attorneys has been emphasizing on high-quality commercial debt collection for many years, and we are very successful in collecting your Romanian debt out of court. Which is why you save a lot of money when hiring Bierens to collect your debt in Romania (at least eighty-five percent of the collected amount is for our client at all times).

Knowledge of local culture and legal system

Our Romanian attorneys are familiar with the Romanian culture and Romanian legal system, which is why you can easily rely on Bierens with your international debtors. Customer satisfaction and integrity are highly important to us, that is why we do everything in consultation with you and you can follow your case progression 24/7 online. Our team of Romanian debt collection attorneys has been successfully collecting our clients’ debts for years and our client list continues to grow rapidly. Do you want to know how our clients feel about Bierens?

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Out of court collection

Bierens is thé specialist for high-quality commercial debt collection in Romania and our attorneys and collection specialists are very effective in collecting your debt without a lawsuit, on a contingency basis (administration fee of $150 applies).

We have an international team of in-house debt collection specialized attorneys from Romania and many other European countries, all under one roof and based in several countries. Bierens attorneys collect out of court in 90% of the cases, in most Western European countries. In addition, we are almost always able to collect our fee from the debtor, so you will get all your money back.

When we are not able to collect our fee from the debtor and we collect the complete principle amount, you will always end up with at least 85% of the principle amount (with an average of 95% in all cases). If we collect less than the principle amount, our fee is between 8% and 15% of the collected amount, pending on the difficulty of the case and the amount collected (Percentages are specified in our policy). A minimum of 85% of the collected amount is for our client at all times!

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If we are forced to take legal steps, we will always consult you first and negotiate a fixed price, or an hourly fee for the judicial phase. This is entirely up to you! Your attorney would provide you with honest advice on whether it is profitable for you to continue with legal steps or not. This characterizes our integrity and transparency; client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. The fact that we are able to maintain affordable rates, relates to our high success rates.

Bierens has been emphasizing on high-quality international debt collection for many years and winning the award for the most successful debt collector in the Netherlands 2015 proves our high quality and collection success rates.

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“The Bierens Group has proven their value many times
over in managing our international claims” -
Richard Jude Matis / Ferro Corporation