New addition to our international team: Swedish attorney Erik Rosqvist

  • Thursday 28 July 2016 | Marketing team

Our international practice is growing quickly. Last months we have had several additions to our team of international lawyers. In the following months, we will strengthen our team even further by adding new debt collection lawyers from different countries in Europe. In this post we would like to introduce you to one of our newest additions: Erik Rosqvist. Erik will be responsible for debt collection in Sweden at Bierens.

“My name is Erik Rosqvist and I was born in Sweden. In 2010 I moved to Stockholm, the Swedish capital, to study law at Stockholm University.” After finishing his law study Erik started working at Stockholm University as lecturer at the law faculty. Next to that, he has written on his own book, together with Jori Munukka, professor of law. “The book addresses the topic of ‘promissory notes’ and the related legislation. Knowledge of legislation on promissory notes is very important for debt collection in Sweden”, Erik explains. Erik’s book will be published in the end of this month.

Does your company conduct business with a corporation in Sweden, but are your invoices ignored by your Swedish business partner? Debt collection in Sweden will become much easier with the help of Erik Rosqvist. Last years, he has specialized himself in debt collection cases in Sweden. “Sweden has public registers with information about Swedish debtors. These registers contain information on real estate and incomes of debtors in Sweden. In other European countries, registers as these do not exist.” With the addition of Erik to our team, debt collection in Sweden will be more effective. Erik is not only able to assist you in debt collection cases in Sweden: he has knowledge on debt collection legislation in all Scandinavian countries.

Do you have a Swedish debtor who does not pay your invoices, or do you have a question for Erik? Please contact him using the contact form.

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