What sets us apart?

The Bierens Equation

The Bierens Equation below will show you how we distinguish ourselves from all other parties in the collection industry. We provide all of the pros - and more - while eliminating all of the cons. What makes us unique is that we offer the best and most complete product available in the debt collection industry. Only Bierens provides a single and complete solution for all your European commercial debt collection problems, with in-house attorneys from the top 18 largest European countries, and more.

Bierens provides the best quality, because we offer you specialized attorneys for the price of a debt collection agent. To safeguard the best quality in debt collection, Bierens has several in-house departments supporting every attorney. To keep your bills to a bare minimum, we mostly succeed without the need to go to court.

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The Bierens Equation

Bierens Equation  
Bierens Pros

Industry Cons


  • Free from bureaucracy
  • Debt collection before court
  • Low threshold


Your regular debt collection agent or bailiff

  • No legal knowledge
  • No complete service
  • Low succes rates


  • Legal expertise
  • Ability to go to court
  • Serious impact on the debtor


Your regular debt collection lawyer / attorney:

  • High bills and complex language
  • Dusty and grey
  • No innovative solutions


  • One solution, covering Europe, high quality,  
    high succes rates



  • Different contacts in every European country
Bierens European
Collection Attorneys


More than just a debt collection attorney or agency

We know what our clients want and what has been bothering them about the collection industry. The Bierens Equation shows how we go further than anyone else in the industry. Under one roof, our team of European attorneys covers the top 18 largest European economies with own native in-house attorneys, which gives our clients better results than when trying to develop multiple foreign partnerships. We also cover other European countries with native speaking attorneys and we can be your single solution (extrajudicial, judicial and disputed cases) for all your debt collection problems, guaranteeing the best quality and without bureaucracy. The result is that you save time and money. Within Bierens we have created several internal teams to serve a particular industry. These teams closely follow the developments within that particular market to make sure we provide the most complete service. Also that proves that our product is highly effective and complete.

What we don’t do

We at Bierens do not want to be associated with the negative image of typical debt collectors, whether they are law firms, collection agents or bailiffs. If necessary, our qualified attorneys are in a position to take legal steps to collect funds, which puts pressure on the debtor. Regular debt collectors are not able to do that.

However, our attorneys will not immediately go to court and then present you with an enormous bill. They are highly effective in collecting your debt on a contingency fee before going to court becomes necessary. Our goal is to keep your cost to a bare minimum, that is why in several countries, we have a 90% out-of-court collection rate. In addition, we are almost always able to collect our fee from the debtor (in other cases; a minimum of eighty-five percent of the collected amount is for our client at all times). That is why hiring Bierens saves you a lot of money and almost always you do not deal with additional fees.

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Customer satisfaction

Your debtor will be contacted by an attorney from their own country, someone who speaks their language and understands their culture. Hard or soft approach, you decide. Unlike typical debt collectors, our attorneys are professionals who will not annoy or harass your debtor. Instead, our team can be assertive and can find a diplomatic solution to ensure that both parties still feel comfortable doing business together in the future. We can also take more drastic measures, this is up to you.

We believe it is important to offer a tailor-made solution to each client. We will always provide you with honest advice on the progress of a collection case and you can follow your case 24/7 on our free web portal. Bierens offers complete transparency.

We realize what our market’s shortcomings are and what our industry is known for, and we want to change this reputation. At Bierens, we do things differently. This has characterized us for years and that makes us proud!

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“The Bierens Group has proven their value many times over in managing our international claims” - Richard Jude Matis / Ferro Corporation