Hackathon 2019 –
The Bierens Challenge


We, Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers, are looking for your help. On the 31st of October and 1st of November 2019, we will be organizing a hackathon. During this intense 2-day event we'll bring together creative, legal and entrepreneurial minds to identify issues and create disruptive solutions for the legal industry.

Are you in the creative, legal or entrepreneurial industry? Then we are offering you the opportunity to:

  • Design a brand new creative solution;
  • Win €2000 for the best idea;
  • Implement your winning idea within Bierens;
  • Build your social network and develop your skills by learning from others.


Alright, so you can win €2000. But there's more to it. When you win, we will offer you the opportunity to work with us to implement your idea. You can then add the project to your future portfolio. It's your idea, after all!


Together with your group, you'll go all the way to develop the best product. And we want to make sure you're comfortable and able to tap into those creative juices. This is why we've arranged interesting lectures by inspirational speakers and the opportunity to network with peers and industry professionals.

Need a moment to rest your mind? We understand, and we've got you covered. We're supplying food, drinks and snacks so feel free to dig in. Or join fellow hackathon attendees in a round of table tennis, yoga or a gaming match.


  • When: 31st October to 1st November
  • START: 31st October – 10:00 am
  • END: 1st November – 17:00 pm
  • Where: Zuidkade 6, Veghel, North-Brabant

Want to know more? Read on.


We are unique in our field of services (B2B legal profession and collection) and are well known as a creative company. Certainly, in our branches (legal profession and collection), which often have a dusty image, we stand out.

Because dusty, we are most certainly not! Need proof? Watch our employer branding video ->

Creativity and drive can be found throughout our entire organisation. Whether you are talking to our colleagues or visiting our offices, it is clear to see we are not an average law firm.


At Bierens, everything we do revolves around justice: in our working methods, communication with customers, our organisation process and how we deal with our colleagues. As an organisation, we have already expressed this concept in various ways.

For example, in our branding we have chosen SUPERHEROES who fight for justice. Our office in Amsterdam has one of the largest 3D printed objects in the Netherlands: the SWORD OF JUSTICE. This value lives even deeper in our owner who has set up a BATCAVE, so that every day our staff are inspired to fight for justice.


As you can see, we are already doing quite a bit. But what ideas do you have? We are looking for ideas, thoughts, concepts, campaigns, visuals or services that you can think of around justice.

During the Hackathon you will have the opportunity to develop a new perspective in a group of students. Whether you are a student with a legal, economic, design or technical background, you are more than welcome to attend our Hackathon. You can register individually or in a group. We look forward to seeing you there!


Sources of Inspiration

We're bringing in the heavy metal of inspiration and creativity. Known for their 'out of the box' thinking and for pushing the boundaries of modern business practice, our speakers will be on hand to guide and challenge you.

Alexander Suma - CEO and Founder of IBIS Power

Alexander Suma

CEO and Founder of IBIS Power
As a pioneer in sustainable innovations, an expert in building integrated renewable energy solutions, and an experienced business leader in the start-up and scale-up arena, Alexander contributes and accelerates the most essential transformation of society: the energy transition.

Herman Sjoerds | Initiative Lead Customer Journey Expert, Innovation & Marketing

Herman Sjoerds

Initiative Lead Customer Journey Expert, Innovation & Marketing, ING 
With an impressive career spanning 30 years, Herman is currently the Initiative Lead at ING, dedicating his career to improving customer journeys and experiences.

Sander Bierens | CEO Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers

Sander Bierens

CEO, Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers
Since 1995, Sander has not only shaken up the opinion of a debt collection law firm but has grown the family business to an international level whilst never wavering from his mission to bring justice to creditors.

Laurens van der Lof | Marketing Manager Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers

Laurens van der Lof

Marketing Manager, Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers
Laurens is a visionary for the creative, innovative, and different ideas. Not one to follow the crowd, his different approach has helped grow the company to the number 1 debt collection agency in Europe.

Raymond Arnoldus | Lawyer & Curator Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers

Raymond Arnoldus

Lawyer & Curator, Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers
Unlike many lawyers, Raymond brings the perfect balance of creativity and legality to the table. An important attribute that many people neglect when brainstorming new concepts. Yet, the very thing that can make or break a project.


What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a competitive event in which people work in groups on a case or a project, with the goal of creating a functioning product by the end of the event.

The goal of this particular hackathon is to create the very best product with your team by continuously developing and improving your product, whilst attending lectures of inspirational speakers and enjoying leasure activities like table tennis, gaming and yoga. In short: it'll be a lot of fun.

What should I bring?

First, bring enough energy and creativity for 2 full days. Besides that, bring a laptop and charger, clean clothes, toilet stuff etc.

We will take care of enough food, drinks and snacks and a big venue with enough space to work, relax and maybe even take a nap and a shower.

Sleeping during the hackathon is optional. If you do decide to take a nap please bring a sleeping bag and mat with you. A quiet room will be provided where you can relax and have some privacy.

What do I wear?

Since we are an informal office, we prefer that you come in casual/comfortable clothes.

What is the location of the Bierens Challenge?

The Bierens Challenge will be at the Bierens headquarters in Veghel. There will be a pick-up service to the office from the central station in Eindhoven and Den Bosch if you decide to come by public transport. If you wish for us to collect you from the station, simply mention this during registration.

If you decide to come by car, there's plenty of parking spaces available around the office.

When does registration close?

You can register until the 27th of October 2019.

What can I win?

A big trophy filled with prize money for the winning team (€2000!!) plus the opportunity to implement your idea at Bierens.

Which criteria will you use to select the winners?

The winning idea needs to match the Bierens DNA. It needs to be something that easily resonates with us and we can get behind.

Will there be a jury to decide the winning idea?

Your sources of inspiration during the Hackathon will make up the deciding jury: Alexander Suma, Herman Sjoerds, Sander Bierens, Laurens van der Lof and Raymond Arnoldus.

How much money will this cost me?

The hackathon won’t cost you anything; there is no entrance fee.

Can I bring my own team members?

A team consists of 4-5 people. If you register individually or together with 2-3 people, you will team up with other attendees at the event.

What if this FAQ doesn't answer my question?

Then don’t hesitate to contact Bieke Kooijmans or Felix Bindels on (0) 413 38 09 37 or via hackathon@bierensgroup.com .


This is a unique opportunity for budding creators, entrepreneurs, students and young professionals to get face to face with heavyweights in the professional industry for two days!

So if you're up for the challenge and think you have what it takes, purchase your ticket below.

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