New addition to our international team: Turkish attorney Omer Faruk Celik

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The international practice at Bierens is growing rapidly. Last months we have had multiple additions to our team of international attorneys. In the following months, we will strengthen our team even further by adding new European debt recovery attorneys. Right now, we would like to introduce you to one of our newest colleagues: Omer Faruk Celik. At Bierens, Omer Faruk Celik will be responsible for debt recovery in Turkey.

Omer Faruk Celik was born in Turkey. Until his 18th birthday he lived in the Turkish city of Manisa. “In 2005 I moved to Istanbul, to study Law at Marmara University. In 2009 I graduated and received my Bachelor of Law.” Afterwards, Omer Faruk Celik moved to Los Angeles. “I wanted to improve my English proficiency, therefore I lived in Los Angeles for two years”, Omer Faruk Celik explains. Besides studying the English language, Omer Faruk Celik founded his own company in the United States. Together with a friend, he sold radio-controlled cars and helicopters.

After two years in the United States, Omer went back to Turkey, where he started working as attorney. “I have worked at two different law firms in Istanbul. During this period I obtained a lot of experience in the field of Turkish law.” After working as a attorney for three years, he decided to start studying for a Master’s degree. In July 2014 he moved to the Netherlands and started studying at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. A year later, he finished his Master in Commercial and Company Law.

In February this year, Omer Faruk Celik started working at Bierens. He is responsible for debt recovery cases in Turkey. Omer did not only obtain experience during his time as attorney in Turkey, he also has extensive knowledge of the Turkish judicial system and the Turkish business traditions. “In Turkey it is important to listen carefully to your business partner. Mutual understanding and empathy are in many cases more effective than judicial threats”, Omer explains. The commercial experience that Omer gained during the time he had his own business, is also beneficiary: “I am able to understand the factors that impact entrepreneurs, since I have had my own business.” Omer speaks both the Turkish and the English language, which is extremely helpful in debt recovery cases in Turkey.


Do you have a question for Omer, or would you like to have more information on debt recovery in Turkey? Please do not hesitate to contact Bierens, our attorneys are more than happy to be of assistance to you.