Webinar ‘Understanding the Russian Credit & Collection Environment’

When: April 4th
Time: 19.00 – 20.00 (Time Zone: Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin)
Location: Online
Speaker: Jekaterina Titova
Language: English

About this seminar

Russia has an outstanding geographical position. Functioning as bridge between Europe and Asia, Russia is an important trade partner for European and Asian companies. The country has a rich variety of natural resources that are exported to other countries in the world.

Conducting business with Russian companies offers numerous opportunities for your company, but there are some difficulties when dealing with a Russian business. Russia is characterised by a volatile economic environment. Additionally, a lot of Russian companies have a low moral when it comes to paying invoices. Russian legislation around debt collection is very limited, which makes it difficult for foreign companies to collect from Russian partners.

In this webinar, our Russian associate Jekaterina Titova is going to inform you on what to expect when conducting business with Russian companies. Jekaterina will provide you with useful information on the Russian economy, the business culture in the country and the Russian legislation on debt collection. Furthermore, she will inform you about extra-judicial and judicial procedures in Russia and she will give you some practical tips.