Are you an SME suffering from non-paying customers? Many SMEs employ do not have the resources to employ someone who focuses specifically on debtor management. For many small and medium-sized businesses, collecting outstanding debts is something that must be done alongside regular activities. Often there is too little time to chase debtors and many entrepreneurs are also reluctant to call them. But we can help. The Bierens collection team specialize in collecting claims from SMEs.

Experts in SME collection cases

We have a special team that focuses on and specializes in collecting claims for small and medium-sized businesses. Every year these collection specialists help thousands of SMEs collect their invoices, internationally. Moreover, they have specific industry knowledge. This makes them the perfect sparring partner for SMEs who want to improve their debtor management. If you transfer your case today, our specialists will get to work for you immediately. We ensure that the money is in your account quickly.

Favorable debt collection rates for small businesses

Many SMEs mistakenly believe that calling in a debt collection agency or attorney is too expensive and therefore isn’t worth it. And that's a shame. We use a No Cure, No Pay variant. If we are unsuccessful then you only pay a small amount of basic costs. Fortunately, we know how to collect, and in most cases, we win. When your debtor pays the full principal including interest and costs, we do not charge a success fee. You will then receive the full invoice amount. With this, a debt collection case costs you almost nothing!

More information about debt collection for small businesses

As an SME, would you like more information about collecting outstanding invoices? Then contact us today. Our collection specialists are happy to discuss the options applicable to your situation.