Specialized international debt collection agency

Are you looking for an international collection agency? Bierens European Collection Attorneys are active in all European countries. With more than 38 collection specialists and lawyers, we help thousands of companies with their international claims every year. These experts have knowledge of national legislation, local trade culture and customs and, moreover, speak the same language as your debtor. This makes collection abroad a lot easier. Transfer your case today and we will get to work immediately!

International debt collection agency

Our international team consists of collection specialists and lawyers from all over Europe. With their expert knowledge, they know how to make international debtors pay quickly. Because these specialists work at our office, you always have 1 contact person who will handle the entire collection process for you. Unlike most debt collection agencies, we do not have to engage an external partner in the country of your debtor. We can switch quickly. This ensures that your invoice is paid quickly.

More resources than an international debt collection agency

We have more resources to collect your claim than a regular collection agency. They can often no longer do what you can do yourself: send a reminder to your debtor and request payment by telephone. If this does not have the desired effect, a collection agency cannot help you anymore. A debt collection attorney, on the other hand, can also take legal action against the debtor. In most cases it is enough to announce these steps; many debtors are do not want to get caught up in legal proceedings. But you also stand strong with Bierens’ lawyers during any legal proceeding. We look after your interests and support you throughout the entire process. Our attorneys have extensive experience in resolving payment disputes and, therefore, know better than anyone how you stand strong in court. We stand with you and do everything to get your claim paid.

More information about debt collection abroad

Are you owed money from an international customer? Then contact us today. Our collection specialists and lawyers are happy to discuss your situation and advise what your options are.