European Differences & One Stop Shop

Key legal differences between the United States & Europe

  • Foreign language: There are difficulties connected to the many different languages in Europe.
  • Business culture: US companies face challenges when doing business with countries that have a different culture and legal system.
  • Process: Cases in Europe can be collected quickly and economically. You don’t have to continue to write off losses which negatively impact the bottom line.
  • Interpretation: The legal systems in Europe operate drastically different than the United States. Therefore local legal knowledge is essential.

One Stop Shop Model for European B2B Debt Collection

Unlike many US collection firms who outsource to third party partners in various European countries, Bierens has many international in-house lawyers who have been successfully collecting debt anywhere in Europe since 1952.

  • Access to more than 40 in-house lawyers from over 20 different European countries
  • Successful collecting in or out of court
  • Legal experts in local trade and business culture
  • Effective in collecting small or large past due accounts receivable
  • Credit risk management consultants
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency expertise