We are Bierens, the oldest and largest commercial debt collection specialized law firm in Europe. Founded in the Netherlands in 1952 by Frits Bierens. With its headquarters in the Netherlands, Bierens is still family run today. Son Sander Bierens is the current owner and grandson Timo Bierens is also part of the Bierens team.


(Frits Bierens in 1952, behind his desk at the first Bierens office in Veghel)

Our team and offices

Our team consists of over 100 employees. In Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Dusseldorf and Rome we have an experienced group of over 40 specialized lawyers from more than 20 different European countries. In addition to Europe, we have offices in Shanghai and New York.

One-stop shop

Bierens provides a one-stop shopping model for your complete European B2B debt collection process, in or out of court. Our lawyers have been successfully collecting both small and large past due accounts receivable for over 60 years. We advise you on all of your debt collection related needs and our attorneys provide you with excellent credit risk management consultancy. Working with in-house European lawyers who specialize in debt collection, provides much better results and uniformity than solely working with foreign partners. That is why our service is highly effective, fast and complete. Our team of legal experts and collection specialists has made us the most reliable commercial debt collection partner in Europe for many years.

Creativity and innovation

To serve our clients in the best possible way, we value innovation and creativity at Bierens. This can be traced back to the aesthetics and the creative, inclusive atmosphere at our law firms. As society changes, so does Bierens. We have a passionate open-minded, 21st century tech-company mentality and we operate under a company structure rather than an old-fashioned partnership. Our approach to the collection market is fast, innovative, and creative by giving clients full access to their cases online and by being a very inspirational and creative place to work.

(Our offices today)

Credibility and awards

Our client list proves our credibility, which includes many multinationals listed in S&P 500, Nasdaq and Eurostocks 50. Furthermore, we have won several awards over the years, some of them include: best debt collection agency, best service provider. We are a proud member of “great place to work” and we are certified as top-class sustainable work practice.


Justice for creditors is our goal. "No-nonsense attitude, creativity, integrity, the mentality to win and fast results – these core values have characterized us for over 60 years. This is the Bierens-DNA; the values we live by.