What we do

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    Debt Collection Europe

    Does your company have a foreign customer who is not paying your invoice? Our international debt recovery lawyers specialise in Debt Collection in Europe. They can provide you with the best possible assistance in every European debt collection matter.
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    Debt Collection UK

    Is your business partner not paying your invoice? Having a debt recovery lawyer strengthens your position. Our debt recovery lawyers will do their utmost to ensure that you receive what you’re owed.
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    Credit Management advice

    Would you like to reduce your risk of unpaid invoices and commercial disputes? We can provide you with advice on credit management, contracts and general conditions.

Do You Have a Debtor in Europe?

The international debt recovery lawyers at Bierens have specialist knowledge and experience at their fingertips to provide you with the best possible assistance when you are dealing with an international debtor. In Which Country Do You Have a Debtor?

Our Clients

We work for SMEs and Large Corporations.