What we do

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    European Debt Collection

    Does your company have issues collecting small or large past due accounts in Europe? Our in-house lawyers from many different European countries specialize in debt collection. We speak your debtor’s language and understand their culture. Bierens provides you with the best possible assistance in every European country.
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    European Legal Disputes

    Bierens brings justice in many areas of international law. Our international team of over 40 in-house lawyers and attorneys can provide you with expertise in several areas of law, from many different European legal systems.
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    Credit Risk Management Consultancy

    We can help you to minimize your risk of commercial debt collection claims in Europe. Because prevention is better than cure, Bierens provides credit management consultancy. From small businesses to multinational enterprises, contact us today for a free consult on credit risk management and see what Bierens can offer you as a credit risk management partner.

Do You Have Small or Large Past Due Accounts Receivable in Europe?

The legal systems in Europe operate drastically different than the United States. Cases in Europe can be resolved quickly and successfully in or out of court. Bierens has specialized in-house lawyers from over 20 different European countries who are experts in local trade, business culture, and credit risk management. We assist thousands of companies every year in solving their European debt collection issues and improving their cash flow, and have been doing this successfully since 1952.


Many organisations, from multinationals to SMEs, are grateful for the service they have received from Bierens European Collection Attorneys.