New member of our international practice: Ishar Ahluwalia from Finland

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Our international practice is growing rapidly. More and more companies are dealing with international direct debits, which by virtue has led to an increase in demand for international debt collection specialists. To be able to keep up with this demand, we have been busy recruiting new debt collection specialists and lawyers to our international team, to further strengthen it. One of the more recent additions to our international team is Ms Ishar Ahluwalia. She joined our team in autumn of 2017 to primarily handle debt collection cases in Finland, amongst others.

Both legal and international

Ishar was born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. She studied there up until high school, after which she moved to the UK for further studies. There she attended City University of London to follow her ambition to study law. During and after her studies in the UK, Ishar took part in a lot of volunteer work opportunities, mainly in international and legal fields. To make good use of the invaluable knowledge and experience which she had gained from her studies and work opportunities, she decided to join and further strengthen the international team at Bierens.

No language barriers

Ishar assists companies from all over Europe who have a debt collection case in Finland. With her good communication skills, she manages to persuade the debtors to pay their debt swiftly. Moreover, this international colleague of ours knows no language barriers; she not only masters the English and Finnish language, but also speaks fluent Hindi and Punjabi – languages native to India. As such, Ishar can not only help you with cases in Europe, but also with your debt collection cases in India.

"It is my passion to be able to help others. Clients can always rely on me. "

Debt collection cases in Finland

The payment culture in Finland is generally very good – on average, a business claim is paid within 25 days. If an invoice remains unpaid, in most cases it can be collected during the extrajudicial phase. The sending of ‘perintäkirjeet' (reminder letters) from a law firm often ensures that a debtor pays quickly. Should the matter lead to legal proceedings, then it is customary that the losing party pays part of the litigation costs.

Further information

Do you have a Finnish customer who has not paid your invoice? Then feel free to contact Ishar for assistance. This ambitious young colleague of ours always does her utmost to ensure that you get what is rightfully yours. Do you want to know more about doing business or debt collection in Finland? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Ishar will gladly help you out.