1952 Foundation of 'Bierens Advocaten'


History Bierens 1980

The motives of Frits Bierens are still a source of inspiration for the current office. Frits Bierens was an honest man with a very strong sense of justice. In addition, he had the will to win and to be the best. This was not without result, in 1980 there was a great success. The district in ‘s-Hertogenbosch had conducted an anonymous survey of all law firms in the district. Frits Bierens turned out to be the most profitable office!


Sander Bierens 1985

In 1985 Sander Bierens graduated as a lawyer. Shortly thereafter, Sander is sworn in and goes to work in his father’s office. Sander does everything possible after his entry. After all, the law firm still assists clients in all kinds of legal matters. When the first debt collection cases are placed on his desk, the race entrepreneur in Sander really wakes up. He quickly realizes that his passion and strength lies in debt collection.

1995 - 2015


.History Sander Bierens 1995

In 1995, Sander Bierens took over the company from his father. The struggle for justice is continued by him. Because his strength and passion lie in collection cases, Sander decided at the beginning of 2000 to specialize in solely debt collection. This makes Bierens Incasso Advocaten the first debt collection law firm in the Netherlands.


History Bierens Veghel

Veghel office

Although Bierens Incasso Advocaten primarily focuses on the Dutch defaulter, many customers also have to deal with foreign defaulters. After all, many companies do cross-border sales. Therefore, in 2005, Bierens expands internationally and has a staff of attorneys from all major European countries.


Bierens Amsterdam

Amsterdam office

The will to win and to be the best grows right at Bierens.Following strong growth and expansion, an Amsterdam office was opened in 2007. Following the Amsterdam office, additional offices were opened in Düsseldorf, Antwerp, Barcelona, New York and Shanghai.


Als laatste is in 2015 een vestiging geopend in Rome.