For collection cases we use a variation of "No Cure, No Pay": if we do not collect anything during the pre-legal phase, you will not pay a fee. You will only pay a small amount of basic costs. After all, an unpaid invoice already causes enough frustration, we do not think it is fair if you are also confronted with all kinds of extra costs.

Beyond no cure no pay debt recovery: no success fee!

But we go further than "no cure, no pay". If your debtor pays the full principal including interest and costs, then we will not charge a success fee, as is customary with No Cure No Pay. We charge these costs to the debtor. Your debtor pays for our service with this, not you. We call that justice.

No cure, no pay debt recovery = no risk

An unpaid invoice is annoying enough, so we think it is important that you run little risk. With our No Cure No Pay variation, you run little risk. If nothing is collected at all, you only pay a small amount of basic costs. But in most of our cases, customers did not incur any costs for the collection transfer. We know how to collect the full principal sum including interest and costs. That is what we strive for.

Why do I have to pay basic costs?

Every law firm is, according to the Dutch Bar Association, obliged to pass on external costs to their clients. These costs include the costs for a credit report and requesting data in local registers. With a full debt recovery, the basic costs on your invoice are (partially) settled with the collected interest and costs, so that these basic costs are paid indirectly by your debtor.

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