Established in 1952, Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers is the leading law firm specialising in national and international B2B debt collection. We employ 115+ debt collection specialists who solve cases from payment disputes to complex legal matters across 35 countries.

Core values


A company that has been wronged deserves a partner who will fight in their corner. We always remain honest, transparent, and straightforward towards our clients regarding our procedures, costs, and chances of success. Throughout the entire collection procedure, we remain respectful towards debtors.


In our battle for justice, it is not only about recovering payments. It is also about the continuation of businesses and preserving healthy relationships between creditors and debtors. This way, a creditor will not suffer at the expense of a debtor’s default. If a debtor is unable to pay and has sound evidence to prove this, then we find the solutions that will restore the balance.

Will to win

We are result-oriented and do not give up easily. By thinking out-of-the-box, taking initiative, and aiming to find the right solutions, we do whatever it takes to solve payment claims. With a critical eye, we strive for maximum results to fulfil our mission, allowing our clients to focus on their business.


Our 2025



The start of Bierens Lawyers by Frits Bierens

It all started in 1952 when Bierens Lawyers was established by Frits Bierens. In the small town called Veghel in the south of the Netherlands, Frits Bierens laid the foundations of Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers. While Frits solved all sorts of legal cases, his wife, Jeanne, would do the administration.


Regional focus

For quite some time, Bierens Lawyers was a general practice. Whether it concerned construction law, leasing, labour law, bankruptcies or family law, Frits Bierens helped local customers in surrounding areas with their cases.



Sander Bierens, son of Frits Bierens, joins Bierens Lawyers

But when his youngest son, Sander, completed his studies in law in 1985 and was sworn in as a lawyer, a father-son partnership was created. Sander became the second lawyer to join Bierens Lawyers, while Jeanna continued doing the admin.


Sander Bierens took over the company with a fresh focus on debt recovery

When the first debt collection case came in, Sander realised that his passion and strength lay in solving debt collection cases. Having seen companies pour all their efforts into their services, Sander simply could not accept debtors getting away without paying. This led to a fresh new focus on our core values, which still hold strong today; integrity, justice and the will to win.

No Cure no pay


No Cure No Pay, the start of a new pricing system

A law firm implementing No Cure No Pay was extremely rare to come across, but Bierens still managed to incorporate it for cases solved without court intervention. In doing so, Bierens became one of the first law firms in the Netherlands to implement this scheme for debt collection.


Bierens moved from family home office to Zuidkade 4, 5 & 6

Back in those days, computers were limited, meaning that paperwork and files were always found in the office. But with cases piling up and more staff becoming part of the Bierens family, our office at the Kuyperlaan, Veghel was running out of space. It was time to move out to a better accommodating workplace. In 1999, the company shifted from their family home office to Zuidkade 4, 5 and 6 in Veghel, which remains the headquarters today.


Starting our first international desks

Besides receiving cases on Dutch debtors, cases on international debtors started to come in more frequently. With more cases from clients with German and Belgian debtors, it was time to create the German and Belgian Desk.


A year of rapid change and growth

With our Bierens family growing, more and more cases started to come in from not only the Netherlands but also from the rest of Europe, Asia and North America. As a result, more international desks were added, consisting of teams with native specialists fluent in the language, business culture and legal systems of different countries.


Another milestone by reaching a staff of 100 personnel

With a growing staff, it was only a matter of time before we reached another milestone with a staff of 100 personnel. With each and every individual with their own area of expertise and background, it all shaped Bierens’ distinctive international character.


Opening our offices in Düsseldorf, Antwerp, Barcelona

Having in-house expertise from Europe’s leading economies, meant that it was time to open our offices in Dusseldorf, Antwerp, and Barcelona.

Bierens Shanghai office


Opening our offices in Shanghai

Nóng hóh! Bierens opened its first office in Shanghai, China.


Bierens & Sons take New York

With another market to tap into, Bierens opens its first office in New York with Bierens Sons, bridging the gap between international US firms with their European trading partners.

Bierens New York office


Bierens becomes members of the FCIB and NACM

As an established international player, Bierens became members of the FCIB (The Finance, Credit & International Business Association) and NACM (National Association of Credit Management).


Bierens wins Dutch Award for the best debt collection agency


The Italian dream

Once our Italian Desk also started to receive frequent requests from clients with Italian debtors, the next logical step was to open our office in Rome to start our local presence.


Launched the largest non-profit Credit Management Event with partners

In 2016, Bierens launched the first edition of the Credit Summer Event (CSE). Together with partners Dun & Bradstreet Altares, we hosted the largest non-profit summit for credit managers and financial controllers within the Benelux. During the CSE, thought leaders share their knowledge, expertise and forecasts for the future within the world of debt collection and credit management.


Introducing Bierens’ tech team

With a strong established legal team, it only paved the path for more growth and expansion. That is when Bierens created its very own technology team.


Bierens Legal Traineeship

The future starts today. In 2017, Timo Bierens, eldest son of Sander, launched a new training program for young legal professionals. With hands-on legal experience and guidance, the legal traineeship set the perfect conditions for young professionals to grow.


Expanding our services even further

With a fresh look at the future and new strategic ideas, Bierens launched its services in Latvia, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Israel, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine.


Contributing to the world of tomorrow

In the Netherlands, there are certain certifications that companies can obtain on CSR, known as the Performance Ladder. This certification ranges from level 1 to 5, which indicates how well a company is able to perform sustainably and find the right balance between people, planet and profit. In 2018 we not only obtained level 4 on the Performance Ladder, but we were also the first to obtain this with the B2B sector.


Treating debtors fairly and correctly with DebtCare

Part of our values and CSR initiative is to serve justice and to do what is right for our clients and debtors. That’s why Bierens started DebtCare, whereby debtors are requested to provide feedback on how they were approached. This way, we ensure a respectful process of collecting debts.


24.000+ Clients


A new record high of no. of clients

More growth and opportunities with yet another milestone! In 2019, we reached a record number of clients of 24.000


The launch of Bierens Law

From the many lessons learned on solving debt collection cases from across the globe, the need for legal assistance became increasingly important, especially for those with international trading partners. From making sure that business contracts are drafted as precisely as possible, establishing the most accurate terms and conditions or anything related to international private law or litigation, securities, Bierens Law allows clients to get better access to legal products.


Another launch of Bierens Lab

Not only did we excel in our legal departments, but also our marketing, design and tech team received its own name under Bierens Lab. Driven by growth and innovation, Bierens Lab shares our legal services with the rest of the world. From big data and AI, we prove that the legal sector is not always dull and dusty.


1000 reviews with an average rating of 9.2

With our services reaching creditors from all corners of the world, we received 1000 reviews with an average rating of 9.2. While our customers take a spin on The Wheel of Fortune, we ensure that we use our customers' feedback to improve our services.


1031 reviews

Our Executive Board

Sander Bierens

Sander Bierens

CEO & Lawyer

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Merel Groenen

Manager Finance

Laurens van der Lof

Laurens van der Lof

Manager Marketing & Technology

Raymond Arnoldus

Raymond Arnoldus

Managing Lawyer and Liquidator

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Terence Doornik

Manager Bierens Collections International