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Hiring the quality of Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers working with No Win No Fee guarantees you the lowest cost and the highest result. Bierens offers best the solution for both domestic and international debt collection cases. We have no hidden fees.

No Win No Fee for extrajudicial debt collection

In the extrajudicial debt collection phase, we collect without court intervention on a No Win No Fee basis, which is the same principle for No Cure No Pay. Depending on whether a complete, partial or no collection takes place, our fees are based on the outcome of your case.


Complete debt collection

The debtor pays the principal amount including interests and costs.

Amount charged

Your debtor pays our administrative costs of €185,-

Amount recovered

You recover 90-100% of the principal amount.


Partial debt collection

The debtor partially pays the principal amount without interest and costs.

Amount charged

You will be charged €185,- administrative
costs and a percentage of the principal amount according to a gradient scale.

Amount recovered

You recover 85-92% of the collected amount.


No result

The debtor refuses to pay.

Amount charged

You will not be charged an additional fee.
You will only pay €185,- for administrative costs.

What can you expect from No Win No Fee?

When the No Win No Fee, or No Cure No Pay principle is applicable, you will be charged €185,- for administrative costs. These administrative costs allow our specialists to investigate your debtor to determine your best chances of success and includes:


  • Personal contact with your caseworker.
  • Customised phone calls to your debtor.
  • We send customised demand letters.
  • Access to the largest national and international B2B debt collection databases.
  • Real knowledge of local business cultures and payment behaviour.
  • Knowledge of national and international judicial procedures.
  • Honest advice if legal action is necessary.

Fixed or hourly fees for judicial debt collection

Whether you have a debt collection case in the UK, Europe or globally, the No Win No Fee principle applies to all undisputed cases. But if the debtor refuses to pay in the extrajudicial phase, you can proceed with legal action. In that case, we will discuss a fixed fee, or an hourly fee with you in advance.

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For a complete overview of our rates and conditions, you can view our policy below. If you have any further questions you can always contact us.

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