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Debt Collection Poland
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Debt collection in Poland

When dealing with debt collection in Poland, debtors are much more likely to pay when approached in their native language or if a local Polish lawyer is involved. That's why your debt collection in Poland is in perfect hands with Bierens. Not only do we have more resources than an average debt collection agency in Poland, but we go much further. With native Polish lawyers, we take on a customised approach and can also assist our clients with debt recovery using legal action.

While we take immediate action against your Polish debtor, you can also be reassured by our costs. We solve cases in the extrajudicial phase on a No Cure No Pay basis, creating a win-win scenario for you. With Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers by your side, there will be no need to write off your Polish debt.

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Debt collection in Poland: our formula that gets your Polish debtor to pay in 5 simple steps

  • Step 1: Starting your debt collection in Poland can easily be done within two minutes. All you have to do is upload your claim here. You will have to enter your details, your debtor’s details and relevant information regarding your case against your Polish debtor. You can also upload all related documents.
  • Step 2: Your Polish caseworker will then draft a wezwanie do zapłaty, which is the initial payment reminder. This demand letter will inform your Polish debtor of the outstanding amount and request them to pay. Moreover, it will be written in Polish and customised according to your case.
  • Step 3: Your Polish caseworker will reach out to you. Together you can determine how you wish to have your debtor approached. You can also track the status of your case 24/7 through our online portal.
  • Step 4: Should your Polish debtor fail to respond to our wezwania do zapłaty, then our efforts don’t just stop there. We will also send a przedsądowe wezwanie do zapłaty, or a final payment reminder, and we will also contact your Polish debtor by phone. Based on our experience, we know that your debtor is more likely to pay once one of our specialists have established contact. Often this puts the debtor off guard and allows us to clear any miscommunication.
  • Step 5: With the help of our debt collection lawyers, we solve 95% of our cases in the extrajudicial phase without court intervention. But if your debtor still thinks he can get away with your payment, then we have more strategies in store for your debt collection in Poland.
Submit your case before 16.00pm and we will act today!

Native Polish-speaking lawyers: Meet our debt collection experts

With our native in-house specialists, we can overcome any language or cultural barriers. Our Polish debt collection specialists and Polish speaking lawyers will contact your debtor in their native language. They are also fully versed in Polish debt collection laws. Because we adapt our strategy by sending letters drafted in Polish and customising these according to your case, your debtor is more inclined to pay. We know that this works because your debtor is made aware of all the consequences of non-payment and knows we mean business.

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  • Fast solutions for your cases
  • Real measures to recover your payments
  • The best results for the lowest costs

No Cure No Pay debt collection in Poland

With No Cure No Pay debt collection in Poland, you guarantee yourself the most cost-effective solution. This means that with Bierens, you receive the quality of a Polish debt collection lawyer at the cost of a regular debt collection agency in Poland. Moreover, if we collect the entire principal amount including interest and costs, then in most cases we recover our €185,- fee from your debtor.

If legal proceedings are necessary, then we agree on a fixed or hourly fee with you in advance. For a full overview, you can view our fees here.

No win No fee

Debt collection laws Poland

When taking legal action against your Polish customer, there are several debt collection laws in Poland that we can initiate on your behalf. The most applicable debt collection procedure depends on the nature of your case. With knowledge and experience with the Polish legal system, our lawyers know which procedures are suited best for your debt collection in Poland.
Debt collection in Poland
Enforcement order

Litigating with a local Polish lawyer

When litigating in a Polish court, it’s extremely important that all documents are translated to Polish correctly. Moreover, courts in Poland often prefer to follow national procedures that are also much faster. Having a Polish lawyer by your side with knowledge of local laws and procedures can help you ensure a smooth litigation process for your debt collection in Poland.

Nakaz zapłaty: Order for payment

For undisputed claims, legal action can be taken by requesting an order for payment through the Polish court. The debtor will have fourteen days to respond by either making the payment or requesting an appeal. If your debtor decides to appeal, then ordinary proceedings are initiated. Due to its speed and simplicity, this procedure is often the most effective.

Disputed case
Ordinary civil proceedings

Postępowanie zwykłe: Ordinary civil proceedings

If you have a disputed case or if your debtor lodges an appeal, then the ordinary civil procedure can be initiated. In this case, you can request a writ of summons. You and your debtor will then present your case in court. Your case will have to be supported with evidence, after which the judge will make a ruling. In some cases, it is even possible that witnesses will have to provide supporting evidence. On average, the duration of civil proceedings in Poland may last between six to twelve months.

International debt collection laws in Poland

While our Polish lawyers can help you litigate in Polish courts with national procedures, there are also some international procedures they can initiate on your behalf. If you and your debtor are both members of the European Union, you could also consider the European Small Claims or the European Order for Payment. For more information on which procedure would work best for your case, contact our Polish specialists.

International debt collection laws in Poland
Summary proceedings

Limitation period in Poland

Unpaid invoices in Poland cannot be collected for an indefinite period of time. That is why payment claims have a limitation period of 3 years in Poland. Should the limitation period expire, then you will no longer be able to take legal action against your Polish debtor.

Different limitation periods also exist in different sectors. For instance, under transport law, payment claims have a limitation period of 1 year while contracts relating to sales or service contracts expire after 2 years.

Moreover, it is possible to extend the limitation period under Polish law if you receive an acknowledgement of the outstanding amount from the debtor, or if you initiate legal or mediation proceedings. If you would like to know more about what the limitation period means for your debt collection in Poland, feel free to contact us.

Why hire Bierens rather than a regular debt collection agency in Poland?

  • Polish-speaking debt collection lawyers
  • Highest collection rate throughout Poland
  • Extensive measures to recover your Polish debt extrajudicially and judicially
  • No Win No Fee debt collection in Poland
  • Immediate action after uploading your claim

“Did you know that in Poland, national debt collection procedures are preferred over international debt collection procedures? These are also much faster and effective.”

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  • Fast solutions for your cases
  • Real measures to recover your payments
  • The best results for the lowest costs

Find out how we have helped others with debt collection in Poland

From simple debt collection cases to complex legal matters, from small businesses to multinationals across different industries, our specialists have assisted over 24.000 companies worldwide, including Poland. Find out how our Polish specialists and lawyers have helped other companies in a similar situation and find the solution for debt collection in Poland.

Frequently asked questions about debt collection in Poland

What does debt collection in Poland cost?

We handle all out of court cases on a No Cure No Pay basis for debt collection in Poland. You only pay €185,- for administrative costs. Our aim is to recover the principal amount including interest and costs from your debtor. If you decide to take legal action against your debtor, then we move to an hourly or fixed fee. We do not have any hidden costs and will first consult you before proceeding with any action.

When is debt collection in Poland taken to court?

Our aim is to solve cases in the extrajudicial phase without court intervention. If your Polish debtor still fails to pay, then we can proceed with legal action. We always make a calculated decision first, and we only proceed once you have consented.

What are the legal debt collection costs in Poland?

If you decide to take legal action against your Polish debtor, then your caseworker will discuss a fixed fee or hourly rate for your debt collection in Poland. This will be discussed with you in advance.

Which legal possibilities are there in Poland?

Under Polish law, there are two commom procedures that can be initiated against Polish debtors. These inlcude the Nakaz zapłaty (Order for payment) and Postępowanie zwykłe (Ordinary civil proceedings). Our specialists can help with both procedures. If both the creditor and debtor are members of the EU, then we can also initiate international debt collection procedures, such as the European Small Claims and European Order for Payment.

Will you be able to recover my Polish debt?

We will always contact your debtor by sending an initial demand letter and a phone call. Most importantly, our native lawyers contact your debtor in Polish. This way we overcome any cultural and language barriers. If your debtor fails to respond and if you decide to take legal action, then we will involve our Polish debt collection lawyer.

How long will it take to recover my claim in Poland?

This depends on each situation and debtor. We always start in the amicable debt collection phase. This process takes a relatively short time because we provide your debtor with limited time to complete the payment. When starting your case, your caseworker will provide an estimate on the duration of your case. Should your debtor fail to respond, then our specialists and lawyers can provide you with an expected outcome or course of action within 4 weeks.

How long do legal procedures take?

This also depends on the complexity of your case and which procedure is initiated on your behalf. For example, a verdict can be obtained in approximately 12 weeks when following the Nakaz Zapłaty, Order for Payment procedure, or 6-12 months for civil procedures under the Postępowanie Zwykłe. If your Polish debtor raises a defence, legal procedures can take longer.

Do I need a local lawyer to recover my debt in Poland?

Yes, you will need a local lawyer to recover your debt in Poland. While speaking fluent Polish, they understand the business culture and debt collection rules and regulations in Poland. They can help you recover your unpaid debt in Poland as fast and efficiently as possible.

Can I apply for bankruptcy of my Polish debtor?

No, you cannot. Applying for bankruptcy can only be done by the debtor themselves and not by a creditor. You can contact our Polish Desk for more information.

Can I appoint a bailiff myself?

No, you cannot. In Poland, bailiffs are appointed court officials. They are not private parties.

What if my claim is disputed?

If your claim is disputed, then we can go to court in consultation with you. Our Polish specialists will work closely with you to determine which legal procedure is the most cost-effective solution for you.

How long do I have before the debt is written off in Poland?

Payment claims under Polish law have a limitation period of 3 years. In Poland, this can only be interrupted with an acknowledgement of the claim by the debtor or if you initiate legal or mediation proceedings.