International Debt Collection

Do you have an unpaid invoice from an international debtor? We can help you  resolve your international debt collection case. We are specialised in international debt recovery and can help you with your foreign debt collection. Our collection solicitors work based on No Cure No Pay. We have the knowledge on international debt collection laws and experience of a debt recovery agency. Because we are a debt collection law firm, we can help you with your debt collection case abroad.

What is international debt collection?

International trade has grown exponentially. When doing business internationally, the risk of non-payment increases. In addition, collecting outstanding invoices from your international trading partner can be very difficult. An international debt collection case occurs when your business partner still owes you an amount for the good or service that you have delivered. Therefore, you have an unpaid invoice. There can be many reasons as to why your customer has not paid you. For instance, the payment of your invoice is delayed because your customer is dissatisfied with the product or service or simply has forgotten to make the payment. If you are experiencing such issues, we advise you to make use of our services at Bierens. We specialise in such cases and we have the knowledge, resources and experience to get your debtor to pay.

Debt collection in Europe

Would you like to know more about debt collection in European countries? Here you can find an overview of all countries that we cover. For each country you will find more detailed information about the debt collection procedure. If your country is not on the list, you can always contact us as we are rapidly expanding our services.

Global international debt collection

Bierens Debt Collection Lawyers specialises in international debt recovery. We have a team of international debt collection specialists and lawyers from 20 of the largest economies in Europe. They have extensive knowledge on commercial culture and know the best debt collection tactics in their country. We think it is important to thoroughly investigate your case and weigh all the possibilities and costs. We believe in transparency towards our customers, such that our customers are fully aware of our approach and fees. While many law firms approach such cases on an hourly fee, we have experience that you need and offer our services on a no cure no pay basis. This means that our recovery approach is customised according to your individual case. Moreover, our lawyers are accustomed to your debtor’s business culture and have extensive knowledge and experience in tackling local challenges. This enables them to collect international debts quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of Bierens debt recovery lawyers

  • Successful debt recovery since 1952
  • Honest and clear advice
  • Specialist lawyers in international debt recovery
  • Success rate of 95%
  • High customer satisfaction

How does international debt collection work?

The laws and regulations are different in each country. This means that each country has different judicial collection procedures. There are no universal laws. Not even for the collection of claims. Although the interpretation of these procedures differs per country, many European countries have similar legal possibilities to have your outstanding invoices paid. Despite these legal proceedings, international debt collection can be very complicated. With an international debt collection lawyer, you can strengthen your position. While keeping the business and cultural aspects in mind, we ensure that the correct legal procedures are followed. We can help you achieve the best results as possible to get your outstanding invoices paid.

International debt collection procedure

An international debt collection procedure can be divided into two phases. These are the extrajudicial and the judicial phase. Within the extrajudicial phase, we can help you collect your payment without court intervention. If your debtor refuses to pay, we can continue in the judicial phase.

If court intervention is necessary and if you must follow legal proceedings, we can help you during this judicial phase as well. There are many factors that must be considered when taking this step. For instance, you must decide which court has jurisdiction and which laws are applicable. These procedures can be complicated, and that is why you can rely on our services.

Moreover, we look at which specialist can work on your case. We will assign a debt collection solicitor who speaks the same language as your debtor and has the knowledge and experience in that country. The sector and the complexity of the case is considered as well. Based on these factors, we ensure that the right person always working on your case.

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International debt collection laws

The fact that each country has its own laws and rules for the judicial debt collection procedure can be very confusing. After all, there is not always a straightforward way to collect your European claim. For the European Union it is important to stimulate trade between European countries. Therefore, complicated debt collection procedures are unwanted. That is why there are two legal procedures that can be used for foreign claims: the European Order for Payment and the European Small Claims procedure.

For instance, if you have a disputed or undisputed claim for an amount up to €5,000, the European Small Claims procedure can be used. If you have an undisputed claim that exceeds this amount, then the European Order for Payment could be applicable.

For both procedures a standard form must be filled in, which is then sent to the court. The court will then make a judgement. Both procedures are relatively fast and cheap. As an international debt collection law firm, we can help you with these processes. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience with the laws in your debtor’s country and can communicate in your debtor’s native language.

No Cure No Pay

We collect based on No Cure No Pay: if we do not collect anything, you do not pay a fee. In that case, you only pay €150,- for administrative costs. After all, an unpaid invoice costs enough frustration. We don't think it's fair if you are faced with even more costs.

You only pay a fee when we manage to collect the claim. We try to recover this fee as much as possible from the debtor. Due to foreign regulations, this is not always possible. Nonetheless, we strive to ensure you retain at least 85% of the claim.

Knowledge on local laws and debt collection techniques

Each country has its own laws and regulations, including in the field of debt collection. A judicial collection procedure differs in each country. For example, if a Dutch company has a debt collection case in Germany, the Dutch law is based on protecting the creditor while German law is based on protecting the debtor. That is why, if you want to take a foreign debtor to court, it is important that you are assisted by a lawyer from that country. At Bierens we have 35 international lawyers from various countries in Europe. This way we can always help you with your international debt collection case.

Knowledge on business culture and payment behaviour

Not only do the rules and regulations different in each country, the commercial culture and payment behaviour differ as well. Fortunately, our debt collection lawyers and specialists know perfectly well how debtors in their country deal with outstanding invoices and the best way to respond to these. This is how we get outstanding invoices paid quickly, even abroad.

Our specialist

Bierens has a large team of debt collection specialists, consisting of attorneys, lawyers and debt collection specialists. We can assure you that your case will be dealt with by the correct specialist. Often this is someone who has experience in your sector or is specialised in debt collection in your debtor's country. This way you can be assured that the right collection specialist will be working on your case.

Contact our debt collection lawyers

Would you like more information about debt collection abroad? Our debt collection lawyers have years of experience in debt collection. We will always do our utmost to get your unpaid invoice paid. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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