International debt collection has never been easier with the help of our international debt collection law firm. We overcome any language, cultural and legislative barriers because we approach your debtor in their native language with our in-house specialists.

The best part is that we solve 95% of our cases without court intervention on a No Win No Fee basis. If your debtor fails to pay during this phase, then our efforts don’t stop just there. Our lawyers have the experience of local and international debt collection laws, which allows us to litigate on your behalf if necessary.

With Bierens by your side, no debtor can hide from us. You will not have to write off your debts or waste your time and money on a never-ending case. Find out what we can do for you below or contact us today for immediate action.

Debt collection in Europe and abroad

No matter where your international debtor is located, we ensure that we have the right solution for your case. If your debtor's country is not on the list, you can always contact us as we are rapidly expanding our services.
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Focus on your business while we recover your international debt


The highest international recovery rate on No Cure No Pay


How does our international debt collection work? – Our success formula

"If Bierens cannot get your money back, no one can."

Our strategy allows our debt collection lawyers to find your debtor no matter where they are located. We can help you recover your claim both without court intervention in the extrajudicial phase and with court intervention in the judicial phase. In doing so, we always find the most cost-effective solutions. This is how:

Understanding your debtor with a thorough local and international databases check

By checking international credit reports, official local databases and blacklists, we can obtain the latest and the most precise data. This allows our lawyers to make more accurate predictions to define the chances of success for your case.

Sending your debtor customised demand letters

Once we understand your debtor, we start by sending your debtor a customised demand letter. By sending a letter written in the same language as your debtor, we know this creates more pressure and the likelihood that your debtor pays.

Putting your debtor off guard with phone calls in your debtor’s native language

Foreign debtors are always taken by surprise when approached by our debt collection lawyers. Your debtor will be put on the spot with no time to come up with any excuses. We know this creates more engagement and pressure for your debtor to pay.

Refusing to let your debtor hide from our private detectives

Our international debt collection lawyers have contacts with international bailiffs and private detectives. If necessary, we can engage our contacts who will further investigate your debtor.

Visiting your international debtor

Besides conducting an investigation, our international debt recovery contacts can also personally visit your debtor. With our collaboration with local bailiffs, we can always track your debtor.

Going the extra mile with legal action

If your debtor still refuses to pay, then we can go to court in consultation with you. We determine where litigation will guarantee you the highest chances of success. With our knowledge of international debt collection laws, we can also determine which procedure is most cost-effective.

International debt collection laws and strategy

As mentioned before, if your debtor fails to pay in the extrajudicial phase, then we can continue by taking further legal action. When taking legal action, it is important to know that international debt collection laws and regulations differ in each country.

While the Mahnvervahren is a common procedure in Germany, the Small Claims procedure in the United Kingdom, or the bankruptcy petition in the Netherlands, there are many national procedures that our lawyers know how to use to your advantage. For example, they can help you determine in which country you should litigate, and which procedures will be most effective for your case. Since there are no universal debt collection laws, having an experienced lawyer by your side with local knowledge and experience can help you break down complicated procedures into effective results.

Recovering debt in Europe and abroad with native international debt collection lawyers

With over 115+ specialists from over 30 different nationalities, our lawyers can help you overcome language and cultural barriers. With their experience, they know which local debt collection tactics are available and how to strategically use them to recover your payments.


  • Global coverage over 35 countries
  • Over 115+ native debt collection specialists
  • Customized approach for your international debt collection case
  • Fast and effective solutions
  • 24/7 access to your case

95% International debt collection success rate

As an international debt collection agency and law firm, our specialists have dealt with all sorts of cases. We offer the highest quality of international debt collection services for the lowest costs, but it’s not always as simple as that.

Often there are many factors involved depending on the nature of the claim, the country your debtor is located in, or the sector involved. That’s why honesty and transparency are key. We consider all the factors that could potentially impact your chances of a successful recovery. Your caseworker will also gather data throughout the entire process of your case. The collected data is saved in our database wherefrom our data scientists predict which steps should be taken next. With such extensive resources, if Bierens cannot recover your money, no one can.

No Win No Fee international debt collection

Our debt collection lawyers will not simply allow you to write off your debt. We limit any risk for you since we work on a No Win No Fee basis, which is the same as No Cure No Pay. We aim to collect the entire principal amount including interest and costs. This means you only pay a fee of €185 for research costs. This allows us to, for example, conduct a thorough investigation on your debtor and cover the external costs such as obtaining credit reports about your debtor. Should legal action be necessary, then we move to an hourly or fixed fee. You can find more information here. Once we successfully collect your claim, we try to recover this fee from your debtor as much as possible.

No cure no pay

International debt collection

International debt collection agency

As an international debt collection agency and law firm, we have far more extensive resources than any other standard debt collection agency. While regular international debt collection agencies send standard demand letters and phone calls, our approach is a lot more specific. With far more resources than a regular international debt collection agency, we also go beyond with knowledge of being able to litigate abroad.

Debt recovery in Europe - EN GB

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Situations you may find yourself in when dealing with international debt collection

With our extensive measures for international debt collection, our experts can help you in all sorts of situations. If your company has delivered goods or services that have not been paid for, unpaid money loans, undelivered goods and services, if commercial tenants refuse to pay rent or for advice on improving your debtor management, we can help you.

Contact us for your consultation

We can assist you in the following situations:
  • Delivered goods or services are not paid for
  • Money loans are not paid for
  • Purchased goods or services are not delivered
  • Commercial tenant refuses to pay rent
  • Advice on improving your debtor management
  • And much more
If you prefer to speak directly with a debt collection specialist, feel free to contact us by phone at +44 (0)20 3808 5878.
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  • The best results for the lowest costs

Frequently asked questions on international debt collection

What is international debt collection?

When doing international business with a foreign trading partner, you will likely encounter outstanding claims. These occur when a customer has not paid an invoice once the payment term has expired. There can be many reasons behind this, however, that’s why you can hire a debt collection lawyer to recover the amount on behalf of your organisation. As a debt collection law firm, recovering outstanding business debt is our speciality.

How does international debt collection work?

International debt collection always starts with a thorough credit check on your debtor, followed by the necessary actions needed in the pre-legal phase. Should legal action be needed, then we can initiate legal proceedings and represent you in court. Once we have obtained a verdict, we can also help to have measures enforced.

How do you contact international debtors?

We will always contact your debtor by sending an initial demand letter and a phone call. We ensure to adapt our strategy according to your needs and the industry in which your company operates while ensuring that your debtors are approached in their native language by our experts.

What are the costs for international debt collection?

Our starting point is to solve cases without court intervention on a No Cure No Pay basis. Our starting fee is €185,- for administrative costs, where we aim to recover the principal amount including interest and costs from your debtor as much as possible. If you decide to take legal action against your debtor, then we move to an hourly or fixed fee. We do not have any hidden costs and will first consult you before proceeding with any action.

How long does an average debt collection procedure take?

This depends on each situation and debtor. We always start in the amicable debt collection phase. This process takes a relatively short time because we provide your debtor with limited time to complete the payment. If legal proceedings are necessary, the debt collection process takes longer. The duration depends on the legal proceedings and whether the debtor raises a defence.

What is the minimum amount of a claim for hiring a debt collection specialist?

There is no minimum amount for hiring our debt collection specialists. We always provide honest advice about the possible outcomes and costs. This means that if the debt collection costs outweigh the desired results, we will always inform you and advise accordingly. If your debt collection case is a matter of principle to you and you wish to proceed with taking action, then we will of course assist you too.

When is a debt collection case taken to court?

If we cannot collect in the amicable phase, you can decide to take your debtor to court. This can only happen after we have taken all the measures in the amicable phase. However, before doing so it is important to consider the costs and all possible scenarios.

Which legal possibilities do you have for collecting an international debt?

If you and your debtor are both in member states of the European Union, then we can initiate the European Small Claims Procedure or the European Order for Payment. With our native specialists, we can also make use of domestic procedures. Often these are much faster and cost-effective.

How can I transfer my case?

You can easily transfer your debt collecting case using the online transfer form on our website. Here you enter your company's details, the details of your debtor and information about the debt collection case. In addition, you can upload any relevant documents, such as the invoice, general terms and conditions or correspondence with your customer. Existing clients can transfer their debt collection cases through our web portal. As a new client, you will receive the login credentials for this web portal within 3 working days. Here you can also view the status of your case 24/7.

Who will process my case once I upload my claim?

Once you have uploaded your case, you will be assigned to your caseworker. Depending on the nature of your claim, we determine who is the most equipped specialist to solve your case. For example, our debt collection specialists have knowledge of debt collection in specific sectors such as construction, fashion or transport and many more. For international claims, we ensure that a native international debt collection specialist deals with your case. We always ensure that the best specialist is assigned to your case.

What happens after I upload my case?

After uploading your debt collecting case you will immediately receive an e-mail confirming that your data has been successfully uploaded. Your case will then be processed by our Intake department, which evaluates all incoming cases and allocates them to the appropriate debt collection specialist. You will receive an order confirmation from your caseworker too, who will immediately send your debtor a payment reminder. Your caseworker will also contact you personally to discuss the approach you wish to have.

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