Our winning strategy


Everything you need to do while we take care of the rest

Starting your debt recovery process will require minimal effort from your side. You can easily upload your claim within two minutes. You will only be requested to provide information regarding your case and submit additional documents such as:

  • Copy of the invoice
  • Your debtor's details
  • Your bank account number

Once you have uploaded your claim, our matching process starts. We do not simply assign your case to any case workers. Instead, we ensure that the most experienced specialist will be appointed to your case.

Matching your case to the right specialist

The right specialist assigned to your case will depend on the sector your company operates in. With in-debt industry knowledge, your specialist knows the ins-and-outs of your sector and can advise and collect accordingly. Your specialist ensures that the right actions are undertaken while keeping an eye out for your long-term business operations.

The country your debtor is located will always be considered as well. This way, your assigned specialist is familiar with the language and debt collection procedures in your debtor’s country. By understanding these differences, we can derive a strategy that will help you recover your payment as efficiently and swiftly as possible.

With the help of our matching process, you are always assured of the best specialist at the highest success rate possible.


How we aim to recover your claim

Curious to find out more about our debt collection strategy? Below you will find a step-by-step explanation of our processes. This way you know exactly what to expect and why you can count on Bierens.


Step 1

Immediate action the same day you upload your claim

Once your case has been opened, we will immediately start the recovery procedure. We act the very same day by sending an initial demand letter. This will not be a standard template and will be customised to your case. If we have a native specialist in-house, they will draft the demand letter in the language of your debtor.


Step 2

Using our pre-legal measures that have proven to work

In our pre-legal strategy, we have extensive measures that we can deploy. We don’t only send a customised demand letter, but we make sure to follow up by personally calling your debtor. Moreover, we also check national and international credit databases for your specialist to make the most accurate predictions and act accordingly. If necessary, we can also make use of our contacts with international bailiffs and private detectives.


Step 3

Practical advice that makes a difference

95% of our cases are solved in the pre-legal phase, however, if your debtor still refuses to pay, then we can discuss alternative solutions such as mediation or arbitration. We can also prepare your case for litigation by determining where litigation will guarantee you the highest chances of success. With our knowledge of international debt collection laws, we can also determine which procedure is most cost-effective. However, we only proceed once you have extensively discussed and agreed to further legal action.


Step 4

Going a step further by taking legal action

With native lawyers who are members of the Bar Association, we can initiate legal proceedings and represent you in court. We can also make use of national and international procedures, such as the Small Claims Procedures in the UK, the Mahnvervahren in Germany and the Faillisementsaanvraag in the Netherlands. For international procedures, the European Small Claims and the European Order for Payment Procedure are best suitable. Depending on the country in which litigation takes place, we ensure that the most appropriate procedure is initiated.


Step 5

Having legal action enforced

Once a court has made a verdict, the sentence will have to be enforced. With our contacts, we can have measured enforced by for example having a bailiff recover your unpaid amounts or recover your goods.


Payment recovered

We collect a vast majority of all claims in our out-of-court debt collection phase.
For remaining cases with court intervention, we provide solid legal solutions.

Follow the latest developments in your case

While your specialists collect your debt, you can rest assured and focus on your own business. In the meantime, you can stay informed and track the status of your case whenever and wherever convenient for you.

Direct and clear communication

Unlike other law firms, we ensure to avoid legal jargon in our communication to you. This way you know exactly what’s going on and no information is lost when communicating with your case worker.

Personal contact with your specialist

Your caseworker will keep you informed at all times and will always consult you before taking further action. For queries, your case worker is always available to answer any of your questions.

Track the status of your case 24/7 on our web portal

Once your case has been opened, you will receive login details to our web portal. You can view the latest correspondence with your debtor and upload any additional documents.

Customised reports with all the data you need

Besides tracking the status of your case, you can also generate your own customised reports that are readily downloadable. This will give you access to the data you need with just one click away.

Integrations with your systems

We offer our enterprise customers tailor-made solutions through our extensive API connectivity. Our technology team is always ready to help you set up instant updates on payments and developments for your cases. With this immediate exchange of date, you always have direct access to your portfolio for optimal cash flow analyses.

Submit your case before 16.00 pm and we will act today!

Frequently asked questions on debt collection

What are the costs of debt collection?

We handle all out-of-court cases on a No Cure No Pay basis with a starting fee of €185,- for administrative costs. We aim to recover the principal amount including interest and costs from your debtor as much as possible, however, this differs per case. If you decide to take legal action against your debtor, then we move to an hourly or fixed fee. We do not have any hidden costs and will first consult you before proceeding with any action. Would you like to learn more about how this works? Then please check out our fees and our policy for a full overview.

How long will it take to recover my debt?

This depends on each situation and debtor. We always start in the amicable debt collection phase. This process takes a relatively short time because we provide your debtor with limited time to complete the payment. When starting your case, your caseworker will provide an estimate of the duration of your case. If legal proceedings are necessary, the debt collection process takes longer. The duration depends on the legal proceedings and whether the debtor raises a defence, which is why your caseworker will keep you informed at all times.

What if my debtor contacts me directly?

Sometimes debtors contact our clients directly to make payment arrangements. In such cases, we strongly advise referring debtors to us and to avoid negotiating with the debtor. In doing so, we can prevent any potential legal damages.

What if my debtor makes a direct payment to me?

If your debtor has paid you directly, we request you to inform your case handler immediately. We strongly advise you to have all payments go through us. That way, we always have a clear financial overview of the situation.