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Are you looking for information about debt collection and other legal issues? In the Bierens Knowledge Bank, you will find all sorts of practical information for your organisation. Our debt collection specialists and lawyers can answer your questions on various debt collection and legal matters. They also share useful tips on how you can prevent debt collection and how to optimise your debtor management processes.

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Debt collection fun

Do you think that debt collection is a boring and tedious task? Well, it doesn't have to be! Our specialists regularly encounter interesting cases. From 10 creative excuses we've heard from our debtors to 5 different types of debtors, we've seen it all. Which ones have you encountered?

Debt collection process

How does the debt collection process work and when should you hire a debt collection law firm? Find out everything you should know about hiring a debt collection agency and the extrajudicial and judicial debt collection phase. This way you know what to expect and how we aim to recover your invoices.

Debt collection tips

For practical tips on calling your debtor and sending effective payment reminders, our team of debt collection specialists and lawyers share their practical tips here. This way, you can already prepare yourself so you know how you can best approach your debtor.

Disputed claims

If a customer refuses to pay an invoice and claims that for example, the order is incorrect or that the quality of the delivered goods or services are insufficient, then you have a disputed claim. Find out more on what you can do if a customer disputes a claim.

Financial tools to secure payment

There are many ways to protect your business transactions while ensuring that you get paid. Financial tools such as a letter of credit, promissory note, bank guarantees or cheques can be used. However, making sure they are properly implemented can be complicated, especially when dealing with an international customer.

General terms and conditions

In your general terms and conditions, you state the rules and conditions that apply to both you and your customer. This way, you limit yourself of any risk and secure yourself from any possible scenarios. However, in order to do so, there are certain rules that general terms and conditions should comply with.

International disputes

With an international debtor, it becomes much more difficult to recover your payments, especially if your debtor disputes the claim. Dealing with a foreign language, different cultures and business traditions are some of the factors. But when dealing with different legislations, what do you need to consider then?

International debt recovery

Debt collection abroad is much more complicated than doing business in your own country. With different languages, business traditions, debt collection laws, there are many factors involved that must be kept into account. Read here everything you need to know on international debt recovery.

Limitation period of an invoice

Did you know that invoices too have an expiry date? Once the limitation period expires, you can no longer enforce the payment of your invoice through litigation. When dealing with international claims, countries across Europe can differ in their limitation period. These should also be considered when recovering your claims.

Payment arrangements

Payment arrangements can be a successful tool for recovering your invoices, especially when your debtor is experiencing financial difficulties. If the original payment arrangement has not been fulfilled, you can agree that the payment will be made in instalment instead.

Payment reminders

A payment reminder is a written reminder that you send to your customer if an invoice has not been paid. In the reminder, you inform your customer of the outstanding invoice and request your debtor to pay. You can also mention the consequences if the payment is not made on time.

The Vienna Sales Convention

The Vienna Sales Convention is an international treaty. It describes the rules about international purchase agreements between two commercial parties. If the Vienna Sales Convention applies to your case, our lawyers can assist you throughout the process.

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