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Pre-legal International Debt Collection

Do you have an international debtor? Are you considering hiring a debt collection agency to help collect your debt? Are you concerned about effect taking your debtor to court may have on your business relationship and the costs associated with this?  

When it comes to collecting an international outstanding invoice, there are measures that can be taken before beginning judicial court proceedings. In most countries, you can: 

  1. Send a payment reminder  
  2. Call your debtor  
  3. Send a final demand 

Do you have an international debtor?

In Europe, we work with specific teams per country which can assist you with your international debt collection. The international debt recovery lawyers at Bierens have specialist knowledge and experience at their fingertips to provide you with the best possible assistance when you are dealing with an international debtor.

International debt collection

The Best International Debt Collectors

When you’re looking for a debt collection agency or law firm, you want to be sure they have the best resources at their disposal. However, there is always the concern that the best probably means the most expensive.
At Bierens, we have the best debt collectors, specialists and lawyers. But don’t just take our word for it. Our customers have given us a 9/10 rating on Kiyoh. And as for the costs, we believe in justice and fairness. That’s why we offer No Cure, No Pay so you don’t end up with a huge bill and a disappointing outcome.

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“Bierens and its team of international lawyers understand the needs of companies and can adapt to any situation.”

Lea Macedoni / Alessi


Why choose our international debt collection agency?

1. Lawyers from 20 of Europe's largest economies

Do you have an outstanding invoice with your European business partner? Our firm employs more than 60 in-house European debt recovery lawyers and specialists, who can assist you in getting your invoice paid.

2. Knowledge of local legislation and commercial customs

Our international debt recovery lawyers have extensive experience with and knowledge of the legislation, regulations, commercial customs and culture in the country of your debtor. That makes it easier for us to engage with your debtor and encourage them to pay more swiftly.

3. Honest advice

We will always give our honest advice on the chances of success in your debt recovery matter. Putting your interests first is important to us; we endeavour to provide you with your options, as well as our advice on the best route to take. It’s easy to see how we put our core values of integrity and justice into practice.

4. Fast debt recovery

We understand that you want your claim dealt with quickly. If you submit your debt recovery claim to us by 16:00pm CET, we will start handling your case that same day. Your debtor will only be given a few days to effect payment. We’re on top of it!

5. An international debt collection lawyer strengthens your position

As lawyers, we are able to put more pressure on your debtor than, for example, a debt recovery agency or a bailiff. Furthermore, we can assist you during the extrajudicial collection stage and also the judicial stage. This saves you time and money.

6. Customised international debt collection

Our commercial debt recovery approach is customised to each unique case, and we provide you with tailor-made advice.

We are experts in international debt collection

  • Since 1952
  • International expertise
  • Specialst laywers in international debt recovery
  • Every year we collect thousands of outstanding invoices
Send us your case before 16:00pm and we'll get to work immediately!

No cure, no pay international debt collection

An outstanding debt is burden enough, let alone having to pay costs to get your money paid. We don’t believe this is fair. That’s why we operate on a No Cure, No Pay basis. This means that if we don’t collect your money during the pre-legal phase, you will not pay a heavy price. You will only pay a small amount of basic costs.

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How does international debt collection work?

Although collecting debt abroad can be more challenging than when dealing with a national collection case, with a specialist debt collector, you can still get your money back.

But how does it work? Well, that depends completely on the country of your debtor. The process can be very different and is also dependent on the complexity of the case. For example, for an undisputed case where your debtor agrees with your invoice but simply hasn’t paid, you can use the European Order for Payment. This process can be used if you and your debtor reside in any member state of the European Union, excluding Denmark. If your invoice is disputed however, or if your debtor doesn’t accept your claim, then this process can no longer be used.
In this case, you will need to litigate abroad, ideally for the best results, in the country of your debtor. An international debt collection lawyer can help you with this process. They have knowledge of your debtor’s country’s laws and can communicate in your debtor’s native language.

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“Bierens are specialists in the field of business-to-business debt recovery. Their approach stands for quality, decisiveness, and results, which is exactly what KLM is looking for.”

Ben Blad / KLM

International Debt Collection Laws

There is no-one overriding international debt collection law or rule book. In Europe, the process for recovering debt is very differing depending on the country of your debtor. This means that the process for getting your outstanding debt paid is likely to be very different to what you are used to in your country.

However, this shouldn’t put you off trying to collect your debt from your international debtor. With an international debt collection lawyer, you can strengthen your position. Understanding the laws of your debtor’s country and being able to communicate with your debtor in their own language, means you are more likely to get your outstanding invoice paid.

And should your debtor dispute your invoice, we can take them to court in their own country to get your money back.

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Specialists in International Debt Collection

Our 35 international lawyers are specialists in debt collection across Europe. From the moment that you hand your case over to us, we will do our utmost to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Whether this concerns a straightforward debt recovery matter or a complicated legal conflict, we will unburden you.

Want to know more about international debt collection?

You can find more comprehensive information about international debt collection in our knowledge bank.

Still in need of some advice? Give us a call today. Our international debt collection specialists and lawyers will be happy to help.

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