No Win No Fee Debt Collection

We work based on No Win No Fee debt collection. This means the same as No Cure No Pay, whereby we aim to recover the unpaid amount including interests and costs from your debtor as much as possible. If nothing is collected, then you will only pay our administrative fees. 95% of the cases that we take on are solved based on No Win No Fee debt collection, whereby you can expect the following:

  • We contact your debtor by phone, post and e-mail
  • We talk to your debtor in their native language, making your debtor more cooperative
  • We have contacts with bailiffs and private detectives
  • Customised approach for your debt collection case
  • Access to the largest debt collection databases
  • We conduct a thorough credit check of your debtor
  • Experience in the local business culture
  • We carry legal authority making your debtor more inclined to pay
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Creating a win-win scenario with No Win No Fee debt collection

We believe that collecting an unpaid invoice can be a very frustrating and time-consuming process. While you have worked hard for your organisation, chasing your debtor is the last thing you want to do. Therefore, hiring a debt collection law firm working based on the No Win No Fee debt collection principle creates a win-win scenario. For undisputed cases, our administrative fee starts at €185. This is then used to solve the case amicably by contacting your debtor by phone and in writing and investigating your debtor’s company to understand why the invoice was not paid.

Once we have successfully recovered your invoice, we aim to have your debtor pay our collection fees. Most importantly, you face minimal risk at the most favourable rates. While you relieve your worries and transfer your case within 2 minutes, our experts get to work immediately.

What does No Win No Fee debt collection mean in reality?

No Win No Fee debt collection only applies to undisputed cases. This means that in principle, we charge 5% of the claim including €185 for research costs, with a maximum of 15% of the entire claim. If your debtor rejects the claim and raises a defence, then we will discuss this in consultation with you. We believe that the debtor who pays too late (or not at all), should also pay the interest and our collection costs. After all, as a creditor you have not asked for a payment conflict, so why should a collection order cost you money? You can view a complete overview of our fees here.

When does No Win No Fee debt collection apply?

There are some conditions for No Win No Fee debt collection. These conditions apply because we are a law firm and therefore must comply with legal requirements. No Win No Fee debt collection is applicable if your claim meets the following requirements:

  • Your claim is business-related (B2B)
  • You have a national or international claim
  • Your claim is not disputed
  • Your collection case still falls within the amicable (extrajudicial) process
  • Your claim has not been previously handled by another debt collection agency

What happens if you fail to collect the payment?

If nothing is collected, we charge a base fee starting from €185. Depending on the nature of your case, you can choose to proceed with taking legal action. The No Win No Fee principle will no longer apply; however, our debt collection lawyers can agree on a fixed or hourly rate in consultation with you.

No Win No Fee debt collection lawyers

With No Win No Fee lawyers, you are in a much stronger position since you will experience the service of a debt collection lawyer for the price of a debt collection agency. Our No Win No Fee lawyers know how to approach your debtor. We know how to strategically convince your debtor to pay. Moreover, our lawyers have a customised approach and will personally contact your debtor.

Why choose Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers?

No Win No Fee debt collection in the UK

Regardless of where your debtor is located, our No Win No Fee debt collection solicitors apply the same principles and have the resources to recover your payment. More specifically, our No Win No Fee debt collection specialists in the UK can help you with the entire debt collection procedure. From contacting your debtor to initiating legal procedures, we cover it all.

No Win No Fee for international debt collection

The No Win No Fee principle can also be applied to international cases. Our lawyers have international debtors approached in their native language. This way we eliminate any language and cultural barriers and know how to convince your debtor to pay.

Transfer your claim for No Win No Fee debt collection

Our debt collection lawyers will be happy to give you further advice on your debt collection case. With No Win No Fee debt collection you will maximise your chances of a successful recovery. You can easily upload your claim here or contact one of our specialists.

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