An average of 95% of the principal amount on a successful debt recovery is paid out

A defaulting debtor is annoying enough. Let alone if this also causes you to incur further costs. Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers opposes such injustice. We view it as our mission to fully recover the costs of the debt recovery from your debtor, so that for you – if we can collect the entire amount – there will be no or minimal costs related to this, because that is in line with our principles.

Maximum results for our client; that is what the Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers’ approach is all about. Experience has taught us that in the vast majority of cases, we can settle the debt recovery matter in such a manner that, after deducting all costs, you receive between 85% and 100% of the principal amount. In practice, around 95% of the principal amount is paid out.

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No Win, No Fee

Claims are becoming increasingly more complex and require good legal counselling. We therefore like to deploy our knowledge and experience to recover your claim successfully and, whenever possible, extrajudicially.

We do not operate on the basis of no cure, no pay, but prefer No Win, No Fee. If we do not collect, then you do not pay a legal fee. From our point of view, you should always be able to opt for the quality of a debt recovery lawyer. Good service, however, cannot be entirely without costs, and that is what no cure, no pay suggests. In cases where we collect nothing, we therefore charge a fixed amount of €150,00 for administrative costs.

Does your debtor only pay part of the principal amount due to a dispute or insolvency? Then, in addition to our administrative costs, we will also charge a fee in accordance with a set graduated scale.

Debt recovery cases

Debt recovery cases are cases in which the debtor has no serious defence to the claim. If the debtor does raise a serious defence, then, in accordance with the code of conduct of the Dutch Bar Association, we are required to charge an hourly fee. In such cases, we will discuss with you in advance whether you wish to pursue the case and, if so, what fees we will charge you.