No Cure No Pay Debt Collection

No Cure No Pay Debt Collection

Looking for fast collection on the basis of No Cure No Pay? Then hire a debt collection lawyer! This means that your organisation runs little risk and you have the greatest chance for collecting your debt. 

Our debt collection lawyers collect on a No Cure No Pay basis. This gives you the quality of a debt collection lawyer for the price of a debt collection agency. The best combination to get your outstanding invoices paid quickly!

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No Cure No Pay Collection 

We collect on No Cure No Pay basis: if we do not collect, you do not pay a fee. You only pay a small amount in administrative costs (€150 for international claims). After all, an unpaid invoice already creates enough frustration. We don't think it's fair for you to be faced with all kinds of additional costs. 

Your debtor pays our fees 

If we have collected your entire claim including interest and costs, then you will pay a fee to our lawyers. But not as much as you think.  Sometimes, a lot of the costs can be charged back to the debtor. After all, it is the debtor's fault that you have ended up in a payment conflict. So, we think it is fair that your debtor pays for as much as possible. This means that solving your debt collection case can actually end up costing you very little! 

“Bierens works brilliantly. They know how to handle cases smoothly and quickly to get your money back.”

Ossur BV

Collection agency or a collection lawyer? 

Good news for you: many entrepreneurs can make use of our free collection services. We have a very high success rate. We are able to solve 95% of our collection cases out of court. How do we do this? This is because we are a debt collection law firm. We have more and more effective resources than a collection agency. And this is reflected in our results: most outstanding invoices are still collected by us. 

When does No Cure No Pay collection apply? 

  • For all business claims 
  • For all national and international debt collection cases 
  • For undisputed claims 
  • During the out-of-court process 

Renowned debt collection office 

Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers is a renowned collection agency with a very high success rate. We were the first debt collection law firm in the Netherlands. In fact, our owner Sander Bierens invented the word 'collection lawyer' himself. 

As a law firm, we soon discovered that our specialism and our passion lay in debt collection cases. That is why we started to specialise in resolving debt collection cases and payment conflicts. And with success. We have now handled more than €4,278,953,071 in collections. Thanks to our high expertise, we are able to successfully resolve most debt collection cases. 

Advantages of a No Cure No Pay lawyer for your debt collection case

  • Successful collection since 1952
  • Success rate 95%
  • More resources than a collection agency
  • 24/7 online insight into your business
  • For SMEs and multinationals 
  • High customer satisfaction 
  • International expertise 
  • We coordinate our approach with you 
  • Same working day action
Send us your case before 16:00pm and we'll get to work immediately!

3 possible situations with No Cure No Pay debt collection 

Wondering how debt collection on the basis of No Cure No Pay works in practice? There are three possible situations when you transfer a collection case to our office: 

Full debt collection: claim including interest and costs 

The most common scenario, and the most favourable one! If we collect the entire debt, including interest and costs, the debt collection case will cost you very littleWe will aim to charge as much of the debt collection fees to your debtor.   

Partial debt collection 

Has your debtor only been forced to pay part of the invoice or is not paying the interest and costs you have charged him? Then you will receive a percentage of the amount your debtor has paid. This is usually between 90% and 100% of the amount collected. 

No result 

Does your debtor pay nothing at all? Then we do not charge a fee. You only pay a €150 handling fee. This scenario is the least favourable for both of us. That is why we make every effort to collect as much as possible. And in most cases, we do just that. 

No Cure No Pay debt collection lawyer: more favourable than debt collection agencies 

With many collection agencies that collect on a No Cure No Pay basis, you pay a (high) percentage of the collected invoice amount for a full collection. We always strive to ensure that you receive as close to the full invoice amount as possible. Not only this, but we always try to charge as much of the debt collection costs to the debtor as we can. This generally makes us a lot cheaper than collection agencies that charge a high fee for a successful collection. 

When does No Cure No Pay not apply? 

No Cure No Pay collection does not apply to disputed claims. For disputed cases, customisation is required. A disputed claim exists if your customer claims that you have not complied with contractual agreements. For example, because the delivery was late or because the quality of the service was poor. If your customer does not want to pay for this reason, then it becomes a disputed claim. In this case, we speak of a legal conflict that must first be resolved. This is often done through legal proceedings, which means that we cannot apply a No Cure No Pay policy. 

In addition, No Cure No Pay collection does not apply to judicial collection. 

If in your case it is still necessary for us to go to court, we can make price agreements about this. For example, we can agree on an hourly rate or a fixed fee, so that you will not be faced with unexpected costs. Fortunately, in most cases a judicial collection is not even necessary; we are able to collect 95% of the invoices during the pre-legal phase. 

Why do I have to pay administration costs? 

With a normal No Cure No Pay collection, you do not pay any costs if no collection is made. With us however, you do pay costs, namely €150 for international claims. Why? As a Dutch law firm, we work under the strict rules of the Dutch Bar Association. We have to follow these rules, otherwise we are not allowed to practice the profession of law. One of these rules is that we have to charge external costs. Such as requesting information from the basic register. Of course, we will not pass on to you any other costs that we ourselves incur as an office. 

The best office for collecting business debts 

Although we do charge a handling fee for no result, we are still the cheapest collection agency. Because it is not only about how much you have to pay us, but also how much you get. A debt collection agency that collects on a No Cure No Pay basis and is unable to collect your debt may be cheap, but it will not benefit you either. After all, that is an expensive purchase. You don't have to pay anything to the collection agency, but you haven't received any money either. We do know how to collect. This means that you have to pay a percentage to our office, but on the other hand your (full) invoice amount will also be paid, giving you so much more. And that is what it is all about in the end. 

No Cure No Pay Debt collection – collection without risk 

With our No Cure No Pay policy, your risks are limited. You do not have to worry that the costs for our work will increase while you are left empty-handed. If your debtor does not pay anything at all, you simply pay €150.00 for international claims in basic costs. This keeps the risk low. 

International No Cure No Pay debt collection 

Do you have an international debt collection case? Even then we simply collect on the basis of our No Cure No Pay. With an international debt collection case you only pay €150 for administrative costs if no collection is made. And when the full invoice amount is collected, the success fee is passed on to the debtor. This means that you run little risk even with foreign receivables. 

Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers has been a reliable partner of SAP for years. They have proven their efficiency and decisiveness when it comes to an effective debt recovery policy.”

Gerard van Tilburg / SAP

Our debt collection specialists 

Bierens has a large team debt collection team, consisting of lawyers and collection specialists. We ensure that your case is handled by the right specialist. Often this is someone who has experience in your sector or specialises in debt collection in the country of your debtor. This way you can be sure that the right debt collection specialist will always get to work on your case. 

Would you like more information about No Cure No Pay debt collection? 

Would you like to know more about No Cure No Pay debt collection? We provide free debt collection advice and are happy to tell you more about No Cure No Pay debt collection. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

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