No Cure No Pay Debt Collection

Are you looking for a No Cure No Pay debt collection lawyer? Bierens is the specialist for your business debt collections. Recovering an unpaid invoice can be an extremely time-consuming process, with little guarantee that you will successfully retrieve your entire claim. With a No Cure No Pay basis you run little risk of losing your money. More importantly, with Bierens you have a No Cure No Pay lawyer at your side for the price of a debt collection agency.

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Creating a win-win scenario with No Cure No Pay debt collection?

No Cure No Pay debt collection is the most cost-effective method of retrieving your business debt collection. If you have an undisputed case, you only pay an amount of €185 for research costs, which we use to investigate your debtor. This means that in principle, we charge 5% of the claim including €185 for research costs, with a maximum of 15% of the entire claim. Our debt collection specialists and lawyers will then deploy our pre-legal debt collection resources.

Once we have successfully retrieved your claim, we try to recover the fees from your debtor as much as possible. Since your debtor pays our fees, this means that you are exposed to minimal risks in retrieving your invoice.

Minimum risk for maximal results

  • We contact your debtor by phone, post and e-mail
  • We talk to your debtor in their own native language, making your debtor more cooperative
  • We have contacts with bailiffs and private detectives
  • Customised approach for your debt collection case
  • Access to the largest debt collection database
  • We conduct a thorough credit check of your debtor
  • Experience in the local business culture
  • We carry legal authority making your debtor more inclined to pay.

International No Cure No Pay debt collection

Whether you have a debtor in the UK, Europe or globally, our debt collection specialists and lawyers cover it all. For undisputed international claims, the no cure no pay basis can be applied too. Our native debt collection specialists and lawyers speak the same language as your debtor. Since they have the knowledge and experience with local business traditions and legal systems, they know how to contact your debtor and retrieve your payment.

When does No Cure No Pay debt collection apply?

  • For all business claims
  • For national and international cases
  • For undisputed cases
  • Cases in the pre-legal debt recovery phase

“Bierens works brilliantly. They know how to handle cases smoothly and quickly to get your money back.”

Ossur BV

Why choose Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers?

Possible solutions with No Cure No Pay debt collection

When recovery an unpaid invoice, there are always multiple scenarios that you can expect. Based on our experiences, 95% of the cases that we solve are processed under the pre-legal debt collection phase, on a no cure no pay basis.

1. Full debt recovery: entire claim collected including interests and costs

This is the most common scenario and by far the most favourable one. Once we collect the entire debt, your debtor will also pay for the interests and costs. This means that you will have retrieved your claim with no additional costs.

2. Partial debt recovery

Has your debtor only been forced to partially pay the invoice but refuses to pay the interest and costs? Then you will receive a percentage of the amount your debtor has paid. This is usually between 90% and 100% of the amount collected.

3. No result

If your debtor refuses to pay the invoice, then you are only charged €185 for administrative fees. You will not have to pay any additional costs. Should you wish to continue with legal action against your debtor, then the no cure no pay principle will no longer apply. Your debt collection specialists will then discuss an hourly or fixed rate with you in advance.

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