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Debt collection can be an extremely challenging process, one with many consequences if your debtor fails to pay your invoices on time. With Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers by your side, you can count on us to recover your debt. With over 115+ specialists from Europe’s leading economies, we solve 95% of national and international cases on a No Cure No Pay basis. While you can focus on resuming your business, our experts will deploy the resources and measures to recover the payment you are entitled to. With more recourses than an average debt collection agency, we go beyond where others give up. From effective amicable steps to strategic judicial procedures, we can help you find the right solution.

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Our debt collection success formula – how we continue to be Europe’s no. 1 debt collection agency and law firm

As Europe’s leading debt collection law firm, we have helped over 24.000 companies across the globe. We aim to improve the payment behaviour of companies for small businesses and multinationals. We know that for a successful recovery, you cannot impose a standard one-size-fits-all model. We know that when solving a debt collection case, much more context is required. You have to understand the situation of the client, the relationship between our client and their debtors. This way, we determine the approach that will deliver you customised results. This is what we do differently:

Why hasn’t your debtor paid? – Doing a local database check

Our specialists never randomly pick up the phone and start calling your debtor. We know that this is not the right approach. Instead, we make sure to check local databases and blacklists, while performing a thorough credit check. In doing so, we are able to refine the strategy that will guarantee you the best results.

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Sending your debtor a customised demand letter

Once we have a thorough understanding of your debtor’s situation, we start by sending your debtor a customised demand letter. In this letter, we inform the debtor to pay the outstanding amount. A demand letter must comply with several standards. The better the demand letter is written, the more likely the debtor will pay. Moreover, we adjust our letters according to the nature of your case and language of your debtor. Based on our experience, this creates more pressure and likeliness that your debtor pays.

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Contacting your debtor by phone

While some debtors will then come up with all sorts of excuses that they have not received the payment reminder, we know otherwise. That’s when our specialists will contact your debtor by phone. By talking to your debtor, we create more engagement, which also gives us the opportunity to find out why the invoice was not paid. By understanding this, it can help determine the next steps that need to be taken.

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Your debtor cannot hide from us

Occasionally, we still encounter debtors who are under the impression that our lawyers will quit after having send the demand letter and having called your debtor. What they do not know, is that our efforts don’t stop just there. Our debt collection lawyers have contacts with local bailiffs and private detectives. If necessary, we can always engage our contacts. They can also personally visit your debtor on your behalf.

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Recover your debt today

95% of the cases that we solve succeed without court intervention on a No Cure No Pay basis. With more resources than an average debt collection agency, our experts know how to deploy our resources that will recover your payment as swiftly as possible.


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Still no payment? This what you can do next:

If your debtor still has not paid the outstanding amount or if they dispute the claim, then you can consider proceeding with taking legal action. Because we are a debt recovery law firm, we can litigate on your behalf in domestic and international courts, and have various measures enforced.

Debt collection in the UK

As Europe's leading debt recovery law firm, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience on debt recovery laws in the UK. Our aim is to always find an amicable solution first. If legal action is needed, then there are various procedures we can look into.

International debt collection

Where most debt recovery agencies would take a step back, international debt collection is where our speciality lies. With a team of over 115 debt collection specialists and lawyers, we can help with your cross-border claims. Since we speak the same language as your debtor, we overcome any language barriers. We know which foreign debt recovery procedure works best for you and can advise on international debt collection cases. Your international debtors cannot hide from us, since we do everything in our power to contact your foreign debtor and recover your payment.

Debt collection laws in the UK

For legal action in the UK, our lawyers can initiate the following the debt recovery procedures on your behalf:

International debt collection

If both parties are members of the European Union, then our lawyers are perfectly versed in European debt collection laws as well. They can also explain the differences across countries and everything you must be aware of when litigating abroad:

Disputed claims

Do you have a customer who disagrees with the quality of the delivered goods or services and refuses to pay? This is what you can expect.

Debt collection enforcement

What happens when a court order has been obtained? Our lawyers explain how verdicts are enforced.

Debt collection prevention

Avoid debt collection altogether and find out what you can do to prevent debt collections.

How does international debt collection work:

Our specialists explain everything you need to know about how international debt collection works. Find out everything you need to know about all the countries that we cover for international debt recovery.

Frequently asked questions about debt recovery

What is debt collection?

Debt collection or debt recovery refers to the claiming of a payment. There are various meanings for the word debt collection. For instance, direct debits make use of this for automatic withdrawals of an amount from a bank account. In this case, another party is authorised to debit an amount from a bank account on single or multiple occasions.
Another definition of debt collection refers to collecting outstanding invoices. This occurs when a customer has not paid an invoice when the payment term has expired. In that case, you can hire a debt collection agency or a debt collection lawyer to recover the amount on behalf of your organisation. As a debt collection law firm, recovering outstanding debts is our speciality.

When should you hire a debt collection agency?

You can hire a debt collection agency or a debt collection lawyer if your invoice remains unpaid. The exact moment you transfer your case depends on the type of client you are dealing with. For example, for private collections, you must always send a demand letter and indicate that you have taken all measures to solve the case yourself before hiring a debt collection law firm. But when dealing with commercial collections, there are no laws for business to business collections. In this case, you can immediately hire a debt collection agency if the invoice has not been paid within the payment term. However, we recommend that you always send a demand letter yourself before involving an external party.

Can I transfer a debt collection case as a one-off?

Yes, that is possible. We do not work with a subscription plan. For a single one-off debt collection case, you can contact us too.

Can I transfer a debt collection case that has already been dealt with by another debt collection agency?

That varies per situation. In general, we do not accept debt collection cases that have already been processed by other debt collection agencies. In most cases, the debt collection agency has already initiated a particular process that may not suit our approach. This means that we cannot guarantee the highest quality in results for your debt recovery case. For more information, please contact one of our employees.

What is the minimum amount of a claim for hiring a debt collection agency?

There is no minimum amount for hiring our debt collection specialists. We always provide honest advice about the possible outcomes and costs. This means that if the debt collection costs outweigh the desired results, then we will always inform you and advise accordingly. If your debt collection case is a matter of principle to you and you wish to proceed with taking action, then we will of course assist you too.

Can my debt collection case be solved on a No Cure No Pay basis?

Yes, this is possible. We handle all out-of-court debt collection cases on a No Cure No Pay basis. This includes international debt collection cases too. Please visit our fees for detailed information and policies.

I wish to maintain the relationship with my customer, is that a possibility?

Of course, that is not a problem. Our approach is firm but effective. We allow debtors the opportunity to pay the entire amount in a timely manner while remaining respectful and fair. If you prefer that your caseworker initiates a more gentle approach to recover the claim, your caseworker will always adjust the strategy based on your needs.

Is there a certification standard for debt collection agencies?

No, currently there are no legal certificates for debt collection agencies. In fact, anyone can establish a debt collection agency. However, as a debt collection law firm, every lawyer is a member of the Bar Association, which has the strictest requirements than any other professional group.

Who will process my case once I upload my claim?

Once you have uploaded your case, you will be assigned to your personal caseworker. Depending on the nature of your claim, we determine who the most equipped specialist to solve your case. For example, our debt collection specialists have knowledge of debt collection in specific sectors such as construction, fashion or transport and many more. For international claims, we ensure that a native international debt collection specialist deals with your case. We always ensure that the best specialist is assigned to your case.

How can I transfer my case?

You can easily transfer your debt collecting case using the online transfer form on our website. Here you enter your company's details, the details of your debtor and information about the debt collection case. In addition, you can upload any relevant documents, such as the invoice, general terms and conditions or correspondence with your customer. Existing clients can transfer their debt collection cases through our web portal. As a new client, you will receive the login credentials for this web portal within 3 working days. Here you can also view the status of your case 24/7.

What happens after I upload my case?

After uploading your debt collection case you will immediately receive an e-mail confirming that your data has been successfully uploaded. Your case will then be processed by our Intake department, which evaluates all incoming cases and allocates them to the appropriate debt collection specialist. You will receive an order confirmation from your caseworker too, who will immediately send your debtor a payment reminder. Your caseworker will also contact you personally to discuss the approach you wish to have.

How does debt collection work?

  • The debt collection procedure works as follows:
  • 1. Upload your outstanding claim and fill in your details.
  • 2. We contact you to discuss the most suitable strategy for your case.
  • 3. Your debtor receives a reminder the same day.
  • 4. If necessary, we continue the amicable process by sending demand letters, phone calls and in some cases, we can also visit your debtor.
  • 5. If necessary, your caseworker conducts a feasibility study for legal proceedings
  • 6. Proceed with legal action.
  • You can read more about our strategy here.

How long does an average debt collection procedure take?

This depends on each situation and debtor. We always start in the amicable debt collection phase. This process takes a relatively short time because we provide your debtor with limited time to complete the payment. If legal proceedings are necessary, the debt collection process takes longer. The duration depends on the legal proceedings and whether the debtor raises a defence.

When is a debt collection case taken to court?

Our preference is to collect your claim without court intervention. Therefore, we always start a collection in the amicable phase. If this has no effect, we can, in consultation with you, take legal action against your debtor. Even if a debtor disputes the claim, a judge can be called in to reach a verdict.

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