Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Many companies are frequently confronted with debt collection cases. Despite having delivered your goods or providing the services, your customer has not paid your invoices. You can always contact your debtor, however, if you are unsuccessful in solving your debt collection case, you can count on us. We have the knowledge and experience in effective debt collection techniques, and we have the recourses to solve your debt collection case.

Debt recovery procedure

Starting a debt collection case is extremely fast and simple. You can upload your claim via our transfer form. If you submit your debt collection case before 16.00 o’clock, then our debt collection solicitors will act the very same day.

We always start a debt collection during the pre-legal debt recovery phase, which is without court intervention. During the pre-legal debt recovery phase, we send reminders and contact your debtor by telephone. What if this has no effect? Then we will investigate possibilities of solving your case through mediation. If this again does not produce any results, we will look into possibilities of initiating judicial proceedings.

When initiating judicial proceeding, our debt collection solicitors try to retrieve your claim through court intervention. There are various legal possibilities, such as seizing your debtor’s assets or initiating ordinary civil proceedings. The most suitable legal proceedings that can be initiated depends on the situation and varies per debt collection case, however we will only start legal proceedings after receiving your permission.

Advantages of Bierens debt collection solicitors

    • Successful collections since 1952
    • Success rate of 95%
    • For SMEs and multinationals
    • High customer satisfaction
    • International expertise
    • Immediate action after uploading your claim
    • Our debt collection solicitors know the best debt recovery techniques
    • We always provide honest, clear and customised advice
Submit your case before 16.00pm and we will act today!

Debt recovery: 3 reasons why your customer is not paying

There are several reasons as to why a debt recovery occurs and why invoices are not paid. We can broadly divide these reasons into three categories:

Your customer refuses to pay and refuses to communicate

In this scenario, it is unclear why there is no payment. Your customer provides vague excuses and at a certain point no longer responds. For these types of scenarios, regular debt collection processes can be initiated. Your debtor cannot hide from us. We can trace most defaulting payers and retrieve your invoice.

Your customer disputes the claim and refuses to pay

In the event of a disputed claim, your customer may indicate that the goods have not been delivered or that the quality of the delivered goods is insufficient. Your customer then refuses to pay, regardless if it is justified or not. Solving a disputed claim is often very different from a regular debt collection case. You can read more information about solving a disputed claim here.

Your customer has been declared bankrupt and cannot pay

Non-payment of an invoice can sometimes indicate financial problems of an organisation. Some debtors may be bankrupt, meaning they are unable to pay. But what about the payment that you are entitled to? Can you still claim the outstanding invoiced amount? Our insolvency specialists can explain the available options in the event of a bankrupt customer.

We advise you to first contact your debtor in order to retrieve your payment. Curious to know how you can do that? Then download our e-book 'The best collection tips for entrepreneurs', which is filled with practical tips and sample letters. This will help you retrieve outstanding invoices.

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The best debt collection tips for entrepreneurs
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Debt collection abroad

Our debt collection law firm specialises in solving international debt collections cases too. Yearly we process cases from all over the world. The procedure of an international debt collection case can differ to that in your own country. Different business cultures, payment behaviours and languages can make debt collection abroad a lot more complicated. Fortunately, these barriers do not apply to our international debt collection specialists. They have a strong background in the business culture of the country where your debtor is located and speak the native language. As a result, they know perfectly well how to approach a foreign debtor in order to retrieve your payment.

In addition, they are also familiar with the local rules and regulations. In most cases these differ in each country. Curious to find out how the debt collection procedure differs in another country? Click on the relevant country below or read more on international debt collection here.

No Cure No Pay

Our debt collection specialists and solicitors

no cure no pay
Bierens has a large team of specialists, consisting of solicitors and debt collection specialists. We ensure that your case is handled by the right specialist. In most cases this is someone who has experience within your industry or specialises in debt collection in the UK. This way you can be assured that the correct debt collection solicitor will be working on your case.

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