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Debt Collection: get your invoice paid quickly

Do you need debt collection assistance? Then read the tips of our debt collection specialists. 

It seems so simple: you deliver goods or services to your customer and then send them the invoice. You assume that this invoice will be paid neatly within the payment term. Sometimes there are even agreements on this that are laid down in the general terms and conditions or in the contract. 

However, invoices are not always paid on time. 

We recommend that you first contact your debtor yourself in order to get the claim paid. Wondering how you can best do this? Then download our e-book 'The best debt collection tips for entrepreneurs' full of practical tips and sample letters. This will enable you to get your claim paid quickly. 


Hire a debt collection agency 

Does that have no affect? Then call in a specialist and transfer your claim for debt collection. Our collection specialists will then immediately start working on your case. Because collection is our specialism, we know the best collection techniques to get your claim paid. In addition, we have more resources that we can use to get your money back. Debtors are more inclined to pay if a third party tries to collect the claim. 

We are experts in international debt collection

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Beginning a debt collection procedure at our office can be done quickly and easily. You can upload your debt collection case online via our transfer form. Did you transfer your collection case before 16.00 hours? If so, our debt collection specialists will immediately start working on your debt collection case. 

Send us your case before 16:00pm and we'll get to work immediately!

“Bierens and its team of international lawyers understand the needs of companies and can adapt to any situation.”

Lea Macedoni / Alessi

We always start with amicable collection (also called pre-legal collection). This means that we will send reminders and contact your debtor by telephone. If this has no effect, we will look into the possibilities of starting a judicial debt collection procedure. 

During the judicial collection, we will try to get your claim paid through the courts. There are various possibilities. For example, we can sue your debtor, seize your debtor's assets, file for your debtor's bankruptcy or file a debt collection summary case. Depending on the situation, it is different which legal proceedings can best be initiated. 

Debt collection: 3 reasons why your customer doesn’t pay 

There are several reasons why an invoice is not paid. Roughly speaking, we can divide these reasons into 3 categories: 

  1. Customer doesn’t want to pay or cannot be contacted 

In this case, it is unclear why there is no payment. Your customer doesn't respond anymore when you try to contact them, or your customer comes up with vague excuses not to pay. With these claims, the regular debt collection process is used to get your debtor to pay. Does your customer think they can hide? Not from us. We can trace most debtors and get them to pay the invoice in the end. 

  1. The customer contests the claim and therefore doesn’t want to pay.

In the event of a disputed claim, your customer claims that you have not delivered the agreed product or service, or that the quality of the delivery is insufficient, therefore they do not want to pay. Whether or not your customer is right, it doesn’t matter. Resolving a disputed claim is often different from a regular debt collection case. Both parties claim that agreements in the contract have not been fulfilled: agreements on delivery and payment. You can read more about how to solve a disputed claim here. 

  1. The customer has been declared bankrupt and is therefore unable to pay.

Failure to pay an invoice can sometimes indicate financial problems at an organisation. It is therefore not surprising that some debtors turn out to be bankrupt and therefore do not pay. But what about your money? Can you still claim the outstanding invoice amount? Our insolvency specialists will explain everything about your options in the event of a customer's bankruptcy. 

No Cure No Pay Debt Collection 

We operate on a no cure, no pay debt collection policy. This means that if we are unable to collect your debt, then you don’t need to pay us a fee. In this case, you only pay a small amount in administration costs (€150 for collections abroad). 

When the full invoice amount including interest and costs is collected, you pay a fee for our activities. Because we find it unfair that you should pay for these costs, we try to pass these costs on to the debtor as much as possible. In this case a collection at our office is free of charge for you! 

Debt collection online 

Filing a debt collection case at our office is completely online. You can use our online transfer form to submit your case quickly and easily. When your case is processed, you can follow the latest developments in your case via our online web portal. 

Send us your case before 16:00pm and we'll get to work immediately!

“Bierens are specialists in the field of business-to-business debt recovery. Their approach stands for quality, decisiveness, and results, which is exactly what KLM is looking for.”

Ben Blad / KLM

Debt collection abroad 

Our debt collection law firm specialises in solving international debt collection issues. Every year we handle hundreds of debt collection cases abroad. 

An international debt collection case can be a challenge. A different business culture, different payment behaviour and a different language make debt collection abroad a lot more complicated. Fortunately, these barriers do not apply to our international debt collection specialists. They know perfectly how to approach a foreign debtor in order to receive payment. 

In addition, they are familiar with local legislation and regulations. This is also different in each country. In the Netherlands, for example, bankruptcy applications are a very powerful means for collecting debt. But in most countries, it cannot be used as a debt collection tool at all. Wondering how a debt collection process takes place in another country? Click on a country for more information about debt collection in that country. 

Our debt collection specialists and lawyers 

Bierens has a large international debt collection team, consisting of lawyers and debt collection specialists. We ensure that your case is handled by the right specialist. Often this is someone who has experience in your sector or specialises in debt collection in the country of your debtor. This way you can be sure that the right debt collection specialist is always on hand to deal with your case. 

Contact with a debt collection lawyer 

Would you like more information about debt collection? Our debt collection lawyers have years of experience with debt collection. We always do our utmost to ensure that you get your money back as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

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