Debt collection in Germany

Debt collection in Germany

Debt recovery in Germany? Do you have a German debtor who refuses to pay your invoices? Then hiring a debt collection agency in Germany may be the best solution for you. With in-house debt collection specialists and German lawyers, our team has the experience and knowledge of German debt collection laws. As we speak to your debtor in their native language, communication is no barrier for us, allowing us to successfully solve your debt recovery in Germany.

“The German legal system protects debtors. Therefore, we have to be smart and act quickly and effectively in order to make your debtor pay their invoice.”

Payment behaviour of German companies

As the leading debt collection agency in Germany and law firm in European collection, our lawyers know exactly what to expect from your German debtor. Over the years we have seen that:

  • The legal payment term for invoices is 30 days
  • German companies are among the best payers in Europe
  • Around 16% of German companies do not pay on time
  • A payment term of 14 days is customary when sending a reminder

Debt collection agency in Germany

Prelegal debt collection Germany

To collect your German debt, we will always contact your debtor first. We will contact your debtor by post and will call your German debtor on your behalf, requesting your debtor to pay. This is also known as pre-legal debt recovery, as we do not involve the court at this stage. 95% of the cases that we solve are successfully retrieved during this stage.

  • Our specialists effectively and efficiently deal with your debtor in a timely manner
  • We talk to your debtor in their own native language, making your debtor more cooperative as we limit cultural barriers
  • We have contacts with international bailiffs and private detectives
  • Customised approach for your debt recovery in Germany
  • Access to the largest debt collection databases
  • Experience in the local business culture
  • We carry legal authority making your debtor more inclined to pay.

Because our international debt collection lawyers in Germany are familiar with the local rules, regulations, and trading traditions, our lawyers are considered as one of the most successful debt collection agencies in Germany. With excellent negotiation techniques, our lawyers will do their utmost to retrieve your German debt.

No Cure No Pay

Feasibility study judicial debt collection

If your debtor refuses to pay during the extrajudicial phase, we can go to court in consultation with you. Before doing so, we will conduct a feasibility study in order to determine whether legal proceedings are beneficial for your organisation. We will always inform you of the possible costs and will only start legal proceedings after receiving your consent.

Advantages of debt collection in Germany

  • German collection lawyers in your country
  • German-speaking lawyers
  • Highest success rates
  • Collection throughout Germany
  • Always a single point of contact
  • 24/7 online access to our portal
  • No Cure No Pay debt collection

Debt collection procedure in Germany

  • Upload claim
    Upload your debt recovery case online
  • Start case
    We will process your case immediately
  • Send a demand letter
    We will immediately send a payment reminder to your debtor
  • How to approach debtor?
    Together we will determine our approach
  • Online portal 24/7
    View your case 24/7 through our online portal
  • Ask questions
    Questions? Your contact is always available to assist you
  • Get invoice paid
    Your unpaid invoice will be paid

Initiating legal actions against your German debtor

Would you like to initiate legal proceedings against your German debtor? Then our debt collection lawyers will first determine the competent court and the applicable law. Based on these factors, we will determine the most appropriate course of action while assuring you that the best debt collection specialist is assigned to your case. Furthermore, it is also important to consider the limitation period. This usually differs across European countries and can be different from the rules and regulations you may be familiar with.

German debt collection laws

When taking legal action against a German customer, there are several German collection laws that we can rely on. The best collection procedure to use will differ depending on the situation. Of course, our lawyers will always look for the best option for you and your collection case.

The German legal system protects debtors. Therefore, it is harder to make German debtors pay. However, our lawyers know which collection methods can and need to be used in order to collect a debt in Germany.

The Mahnverfahren

The “Mahnverfahren” is an accelerated procedure for undisputed claims. It is characterized by its speed, simplicity, and low cost. Within a relatively short period of time, you can obtain an enforcement order (“Vollstreckungsbescheid”); which orders the debtor to pay both your claim and the costs of the proceedings. Your debtor only has a few weeks to raise legal objections. If that does not happen, then the order for payment becomes legally binding and we can commence enforcement proceedings, such as the seizure of the debtor’s bank account or sending a bailiff to recover the debt.

Ordinary civil proceedings (Klageverfahren)

Is your claim disputed? In that case, it is advisable to start with an ordinary civil procedure. Both parties must substantiate their statement with supporting documents. After one or more court hearings, the court will make a judgment. With this judgment, we will be able to for example have the debtor's bank account seized. A settlement is still possible prior to this judgment.

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International collection laws

international collection laws
Besides German debt collection laws, there are several international debt collection laws that our German debt collection lawyers can deploy. These are known as the European Payment Order Procedure and the Small Claims Procedure and are recognised in all EU member states (except Denmark). Our debt collection lawyers in Germany will always carefully consider the best course of action for your debt collection case.

“Bierens is a highly effective and professional partner. Not only do they have a good debt collection procedure, they also give solid advice.”

Manuel Maas, Eneco

Enforcement of judgments in Germany

When a judgment has been obtained, it must still be executed in Germany. Within the EU, it has been established that all judgments passed in a member state are also recognised in other EU countries. A specific form must be requested for the enforcement of a foreign EU judgment in Germany. This form has to be sent to the bailiff in Germany, together with the foreign EU court's judgment. The bailiff then ensures that the judgment is executed in Germany.

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Our German specialists for debt recovery

Do you have a debt recovery case in Germany? Or do you have another conflict with your German customer? Our German debt collection specialists and lawyers will be happy to help you solve your payment conflict. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Do you no longer wish to wait for your payment? Then transfer your invoice immediately. Our specialists will then get straight to work.

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