6 Tips for Effective Debt Collection Calls

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How to handle debt collection calls effectively

Calling a debtor and asking them for money is never a nice thing to do. For most people, calling a debtor requires getting out of their comfort zone. But often, calling is one of the most effective ways to get your customer to pay. Here are our top six tips from our debt collection specialists for more successful debt collection calls.

1. Always Be Prepared

Success is strongly linked to preparation, so prepare your phone call. Make sure that you know who you’re calling. Who is your debtor and what’s your business relation with this company? What’s their payment history? Also make sure you know all the facts and details about the debt:

    • the exact amount owed;
    • the terms of sale;
    • the products or services purchased;
    • the original payment due date;
    • other unpaid invoices.

2. Be Ready to Deal with Excuses

When calling a debtor, you can expect to hear excuses from the debtor why payment hasn’t been received already. Sometimes your debtor is truthful, but many of them simple use these excuses to stall on making payments on time or even to avoid paying altogether. Your debtor tells stories to try to delay the collection process or in the hope that their account will be filed away as uncollectable.

3. Document Everything from your Debt Collection Call

Document everything you discussed with the debtor. At the end of your conversation, make a short summary of all the topics discussed and send an email with all these points to your debtor. Make sure you get confirmation.

4. Speak Professionally and Positively

Even if you are annoyed by the non-payment of your debtor, always act friendly and positive to your customer. This will also have a positive effect on your debtor. Never lose your calm, regardless of your debtor’s making false allegations or even abusing you. Always reply in a professional way and focus on the conversation.

Is this the first time you have to call for outstanding debts or are you nervous to call your debtor? Then first practice with a colleague and give each other feedback. It definitely will give you more confidence.

5. Ask Open-ended Questions

Ask your debtor open-ended questions so you will get more information about the reason for non-payment. With these questions you will probably get more information about the debtor’s situation. This information could be very useful when the invoice still remains unpaid.

6. Make Clear Agreements during the Debt Collection Call

When you speak to your debtor, make sure you make clear agreements about the payment. Send these agreements to your debtor by email and let your debtor confirm these agreements.

Does your debtor still not pay after your call? Transfer your claim to our company. Our debt collection lawyers and specialists know how to approach debtors in an effective way. They will do their utmost to get your invoices paid soon.

More information about handling debt collection calls effectively?

You can find out more information and tips for debt collection and handling calls effectively in our knowledge bank. If you're not happy about making that debt collection call still, give us a call instead. We speak to hundreds of debtors everyday. Our lawyers and debt collection specialists know how to get your money back.