Bierens opens office in Rome

1 min.

Bierens is opening a new office in Rome. Do you have one or more non-paying business partners in Italy? Terms of payment can run longer than those you are used to. The Italian legal system is based on protection of the debtor, which often means that the creditor has to exert more effort to substantiate its claim or legal action. For successful recovery of your invoices, extensive knowledge of the culture, language and regulations is essential.

In Italy, the majority of companies are family businesses which have been around for generations, which means continuity and maintaining trade relations are particularly important. Whereas the business culture of Northern Italy strongly resembles that of Northern Europe, the culture of the south seems to reflect the stereotypical image of Italy.


If you conduct business with Italians, please be aware of the more hierarchical and formal business culture. Italian entrepreneurs appreciate your making time for several meetings. It is important to Italians to make a good impression and they will expect the same from you. Wearing a good suit and tie at business meetings is therefore wise.

If you wish to learn more about doing business in Italy, please feel free to contact our Italian team or read more about debt collection in Italy.