Bierens winner of award for 'most successful debt recovery firm 2015'

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Bierens proudly presents its winning the Dutch award for the most successful debt recovery organisation of the many debt recovery and law firms in the Netherlands.

As a company, we have proved that we stand out in our industry for our know-how, international positioning, ambition, continuity and innovativeness. Our enthusiasm and our core values have been instrumental in the independent Dutch National Business Success Award Institute selecting us as Holland’s most successful debt recovery firm of 2015.

“Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers caught the attention of the Nomination Committee because of its excellent reputation in the industry. This law firm is generally considered to be one of the leading companies in this industry and perfectly knows how to combine its vast knowledge of the ins and outs of debt recovery and its client and solution-oriented approach”, The Dutch National Business Success Award Institute says.

In the run up to this outcome, it turns out that we won the three selection rounds for this award with flying colours, without us even noticing that we were in the race. In the first round, a selection of twenty companies were measured up against various criteria. In the second selection round, the Committee made various mystery calls and the remaining companies were checked against cornerstone criteria such as growth, reputation, innovation and distinguishing capacity. It was not until the third selection round that were informed about our nomination. When the committee had completed its final, more in-depth exploration of company identity, they declared Bierens as the winner of this award.

Dutch Television Broadcast

The broadcast of ‘‘De Succesfactor’ (The Success Factor) on Dutch television on Sunday the 21st of June 2015 showed an interview with the CEO of Bierens Laywers, mr Sander Bierens, about what is unique about Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers.

In addition to this television broadcast, a number of major Dutch newspapers such as the ‘Financieele Dagblad’, the ‘Algemeen Dagblad’, the ‘ManagementTeam’ and radio station ‘BNR Nieuwsradio’ will highlight Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers as the most successful organisation in the Dutch debt recovery industry.

Most prestigious Business Award of the Netherlands

Now that we have won the award for our industry, we will compete against the winners of other industry awards for the Dutch National Business Success Award 2015, the award for the most successful company in the Netherlands. This National Business Success Award is the most prestigious business award of the Netherlands. In this competition, we have been nominated for no less than four awards: best business service provider, most innovative company, fastest grower and now for the most prestigious business award of the Netherlands as well, the National Business Success Award 2015.

The jury of the National Business Success Award 2015 consists of professor Sylvester Eijfinger (professor of Financial Economics at the University of Tilburg) Steven van Eijk (Chairman of the ‘Vereniging RAI’ = Bicycle and Automobile Industry Association), Bern Schneider (Chairman of the jury for ‘Best Idea of the Netherlands’, Joan Bassa (CEO of and Hans Reinierse (councillor of the ‘Sociaal Economische Raad’ = Social Economic Council).