Bierens wins 'Great Place To Work'

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On Tuesday evening March 22, ‘Great Place to Work®’ presented its list of Best Workplaces 2016. This independent institute assesses employer quality and the HR policies of organisations worldwide. This festive evening was catered for entirely by Great Place to Work® and its media partners Elsevier and P&O Actueel.

For the first time, Bierens was one of the contestants this year for the award of “Best Workplace”. What does this mean exactly? A “Great Workplace” is defined as follows: “An organisation where its employees have faith in the people they work for, are proud of what they are doing and have fun working with the colleagues they cooperate with.”

Each organisation’s independent assessment outcome is determined by its score on the employee perception survey and an evaluation of its employer’s policy. To qualify for the “Best Workplace” award, organisations have to meet various criteria. These criteria focus on how employees perceive the extent to which they experience confidence on their place of work and the quality of the relationships with management and co-workers.

The evaluation of Great Place to Work® has shown that Bierens is distinctive on the following aspects: Inspiring, Developing, Supporting and Celebrating Successes Together. In addition, the employee perception survey showed a high level of comradeship among colleagues.

On the basis of these points, Bierens has been awarded the title of “Best Workplace”. At Bierens, we feel that this is something to be proud of, because we are convinced that happy and satisfied employees will result in happy clients. We will continue to work on optimizing work satisfaction of our colleagues, now and in the future. Bierens congratulates all other companies that have been awarded the “Best Workplace” title!