Dani Alves is back on the Spanish defaulter list

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The Spanish tax authorities have published a list of defaulters in June 2018 again on their website. This list mentions persons and companies that owe more than one million euros to the Spanish tax authorities. In total there are 4318 taxpayers on the list, who together have a debt of 15,300 million at the tax authorities.

Famous Spaniards

This year there are again well-known names on the list. The former vice-preseicent of the government, Rodrigo Rato, is on the list. But also former banker Mario Conde and singer Miguel Bose are listed as bad payers.

Football-playing  debtors

Just like previous editions, there are also a number of footballers on the default list. The football club from Murcia has 11.1 million open to the Spanish tax authorities. And Dani Alves is back on the list after he disappeared from the list last year. While he still had 1.3 million open in 2016, he now has a debt of 2,6 million from the Spanish tax authorities.

You can check out the list of all defaulters here.

More information

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