Earn your stripes at Bierens – Are you ready to take the next step?

1 min.

From the battlefield to unexplored territory, at Bierens this is a pretty accurate representation of how we work. If our teams are not helping our clients solve their issues, they are working on finding even better ways to improve what we do. Starting with our marketeers, lost and stranded on new territory they pass on the baton to our programmers, data scientists, designers, debt collection specialists and lastly, to our lawyers. You’ll see that each and every individual plays a vital role.

‘Each is a powerful individual but without a team, we would be nothing’

Throughout our recruitment videos, there is always a common thread, namely that we are not a dull and dusty law firm. You will not see anyone wearing suits or a strict hierarchy. Instead, we create a working culture that allows people to differentiate, think out of the box and voice their opinions that matter. We’re more than a regular law firm with diverse teams who aim to make a difference.

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