Fake e-mails or phishing messages from Bierens? Here's what to do.

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We sometimes receive reports of fake emails circulating. It may appear like the sender is working for Bierens, however, upon further investigation, this turns out to be untrue. These types of e-mails are so-called "phishing" messages. Phishing is a form of digital scam and it can happen to anyone via e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS. Malefactors try to persuade you to log on to a fake website in order to retrieve your bank or other login details.

In our case, malefactors are sending out fake emails. What can you do if you suspect that you have received a phishing message? On this page, we will explain what you can do.

Did the email really come from Bierens? Verify the email address!

Did you receive a suspicious e-mail, and do you want to ensure that it didn't come from Bierens? You can easily check this yourself. Every time you receive a real email from Bierens, you will receive it from the same domain. Our email addresses always end on "bierensgroup.com" or "bierenslaw.com".

Did you receive an email with a different domain behind the @ sign? If so, you can assume that this e-mail has not been sent by our employees. Have you received a message which appears to come from Bierens, but do you suspect it is a fake email? Here's what you can do:

Do not open or download attachments from suspected fake emails.

Did you open the attachment anyway and are you now suspicious?

  • Check your device for malicious software.
  • Change your passwords.
  • Wait until you are certain that your device is not infected by malicious software before logging into our portal.

NCSC.Gov has set up a page for you with information about what you can do in case of malicious software.

Do not click on any links in suspected fake emails.

Did you accidentally click on any such link? As long as you don't log in anywhere, there shouldn't be any problem. But did you accidentally log in anyway? Change your password as soon as possible. Stay alert and let us know if you notice any suspicious activity in your account.

Always report fake emails!

The earlier you report false emails to us, the sooner we can take action. Is it necessary to take action? Naturally, we will support you in this. We can determine whether it concerns a real fake email or not. By getting in touch with us, you can ensure that all is well and you will help us to improve our services.

Please send your message to: informationsecurity@bierensgroup.com.

Known Current Phishing Campaigns:

Have you received a phishing email and would you like to know if the type of email you have received is already familiar to us? We are currently aware of the following phishing activities:

09-07-2020 – Emails from domain "bierensgroup-agent.com"

We have received complaints containing information about an email sent by Kalina Gaja. Kalina is an employee of Bierens, however, she does not send any emails from "bierensgroup-agent.com". Have you received an email from Kalina? Please check if the email is sent from "bierensgroup.com". If this is not the case, you can delete this e-mail without hesitation. Are you in doubt? Contact us.

24-06-2020 – Emails with sender "Helena Lloyd"

We have received complaints that phishing emails are being sent from "Helena Lloyd". The domain from which these phishing emails are being sent is "@creditagentrecovery.me". We don't recognise the name "Helena Lloyd". Neither do we send emails from this domain. Have you received an email from this sender? If so, you can delete this e-mail immediately.

07-04-2022 – Emails with sender "recoveryteam@bierensgroup.co"

if you have received phishing emails from "recoveryteam@bierensgroup.co", you can disregard these. We do not use this email or domain. You can check if the email address is correct if it has been sent from  "bierensgroup.com". If this is not the case, you can delete the email and/or contact us when in doubt or if you wish to report it.

07-06-2022 – Emails with sender "recoveryteam@bierenscollectiongroup.com"

The most recent phishing attempts are coming from an address with the following domain: ‘recoveryteam@bierenscollectiongroup.com’. Besides using a fake domain, the emails refer to an invoice number ‘#Inv. 784964’, which appears to be the same number reported in this phishing campaign. Moreover, the emails are sent under the name ‘Chahdad Michael’, who is no employee of Bierens. To verify the senders, we advise you to always check our team page on our website (a quick Google search is not sufficient). When in doubt you can always contact us.

14-06-2022 – Emails with sender "terry.brake01@gmail.com" and "debtcollection@bierensgroups.us"

Similar to the previous attempt, phishing emails refer to invoice number #Inv. 284064. This time, they are sent from the domains ‘terry.brake01@gmail.com’ and ‘debtcollection@bierensgroups.us’, with ‘Terry Brake’ and ‘Logan William’ as the senders. Please check the domain as well as our team page on our website to verify the emails. Contact us to report such activity or when in doubt.

01-02-2023 – Emails including signed letters from (former) employees

The most recent phishing activities that have been reported are from the sender Gabriel Horvat with the e-mail address info@theproxima.co.uk. Although this scam does not use a variation of the Bierens domain, these e-mails are signed by lawyers who supposedly work for Bierens.

In this case, the letters are signed by Andrea Varsavia regarding an alleged debt amounting to over €200k. These are from a UK-based broker requesting crypto payments. In this particular incident, the debt is from the company Binance acting on behalf of Proxima Services LTD with ID number: 462259247.

If you have received similar e-mails, we recommend you first check your database and administration to verify what business was conducted that amounted to the unpaid debt. When in doubt, research the company and find out more about the sender too. In this case, the letters were signed by Andrea Varsavia, who is not an employee of Bierens. To verify the senders, we advise you to always check our team page on our website or contact us directly.